Parent to Parent – Gift Ideas For Nieces And Nephews Of All Ages

Parent to Parent - Gift Ideas For Nieces And Nephews Of All Ages

Extraordinary gift ideas for your nephews on any occasion (for little ones, teenagers, and adults) by ArtPix 3D 3d photo crystal.

Among the relationships that can occur in a family, there is an extraordinary one: nephews and uncles (or nieces and aunts). The former are like children who allow you to indulge and educate them at the same time, right? The latter are like parents, even more relaxed than the ones you have that you see from time to time.

1. If they are small…


Puzzles are entertaining games that, while educating spatial intelligence and imagination, are entertaining and engage young and old alike. There are all kinds of them: in 3D, that glow in the dark, with more or fewer pieces… The reality is that they can be for any age, but the little ones love them!

A 3D Photo Crystal

Sometimes we can make something special in the way we want for our nieces and nephews. One of the best ways to engrave your loved one a favorite picture of them – is to order personalized crystals online. Artpix3D blog may provide you with countless valuable ideas on how to transfer your pure love into a beautiful crystal online. 

For example, you can find brilliant articles, giving you someΒ fresh ideas. You can choose from variable crystal types and find the best one for your niece or nephew.

Different Stories

A gift (or more than one) can be perfect for educating the little ones in the habit of reading through books. There are many different stories that -like puzzles- are adapted to any age. We can choose it interactive, with sounds, with textures, or a story that engages. It all depends on the boy or girl to whom we are going to give. It will be a gift that you will surely love and, in the first years, you will be able to read it yourself. And you will spend more time with them!


It may not be a child’s favorite gift, but it is a necessary thing that parents will appreciate a lot. Therefore, our advice is to complement such a gift with one that your nephew enjoys, and you will be helping the parents while making the little one happy.

2. If they are teenagers…

Tickets for a live show

If you have teenage nieces or nephews, you will already know that you can make excellent plans for them, but you will also be the adult who will have to accompany them. He thinks if there is a concert he wants to go to and -to depend on his age- if he should be accompanied by an adult or not. But, without a doubt, if it is one of her first concerts… she will never forget it!

Case and Backpack

It is possible that, although we are in the middle of the course, you have noticed a case, backpack, or bag that is fashionable. For example, because it is a brand with funny or positive messages or because of the print. This can be a gift that you like and, in addition, you will take the opportunity to renew school supplies. 2 x 1!

3. If they are older or adults…


If your niece has become quite a woman, it never hurts to give her a pack of makeup or nail polish. It is a present that is always well received, especially if it comes from an aunt who knows her tastes perfectly. Sure hit!

Board Games

If you are one of the families that meet at Christmas or at certain events to play, don’t miss the opportunity to give him a fun board game so that they can also play with their friends. We are no longer talking about ‘Monopoly’ or ‘Trivial’ but something more like ‘Jungle Speed’ or ‘Times up.’ Laughter assured.

Clock or Digital Clock

In a complement that continues to be given away despite the years and that anyone likes. In addition, there are different types, and at different prices, so you will have to choose within the range of money in which you want to move.

Brand Clothing

As we get older, we appreciate more than some shoes or some excellent and latest clothes, so it is a great idea to give excellent and beautiful clothes. Of those garments, I am sure that, perhaps, they are bought from time to time, and you can afford to give them away …

One Year of Netflix, HBO, or Spotify Premium

If you still don’t have an open bar on digital music or movie platforms, it’s time to give it to them! The idea is that you enjoy the session for a year, two, or X months. We assure you that he will take advantage of it, but very well!

Accessories for Netflix

Given the case in which your nephew already has a premium account on one of these platforms, you can switch to the accessories that will complete an incredible movie afternoon: surround speakers, a popcorn machine, a personalized blanket … Anything that completes a weekend of a movie at home will be welcome.

The Whim

A child’s whim can be unpredictable, but when it comes to sweets they never go wrong. Any time of day or night you will always find a kid with an ice cream cone in their hand and some chocolate on the corners of their mouth from earlier today. They’re just so happy all the time!

Think carefully if your nephew or niece has ever had a more special whim, such as going to Disney. Think of the time that has come, if you can do it or afford it and, if so, do not hesitate to give it to him.


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