Nine Things To Consider Before Buying An Old House

Nine Things To Consider Before Buying An Old House

If you are thinking of buying an old house, it is not a simple decision. There is usually a ton of renovation to be done to get it into a state you will be happy with. Get quotes on all the work that is needed and approach the bank to get a home loan that covers these costs. 

That said, there are many advantages to older houses, such as a lot of space indoors and a huge garden. The proportions of an older house can give you the bare bones to create the dream home you have always wanted. The selling price will often be cheaper than a more modern home for sale. If you can afford to renovate an old property, go for it.

1. Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to renovations, patience is definitely a virtue. You will not get a perfect result in a few months; it takes time to get quotes, buy materials, and work with consultants and contractors. Keep your final vision in mind and hold workers to itโ€”after all, it is your investment.

2. Structural Considerations

While you are probably eager to start with aesthetic improvements to your new home, bear in mind that old houses often need a bit of maintenance and that this can be quite expensive. But you donโ€™t want it raining in. Check for problems with the roof insulation and waterproofing. Make sure the windows close properly to keep cold air out. Look for roots that could cause paving to lift.

3. Allergies

Old carpets can harbor a lot of dust and mites that spark off allergies. It is probably best to remove them and see what is underneath. Decide on the new flooring you want in your home. You may be able to base it on wood or concrete left behind. 

4. Sustainability 

Get advice from an architect on how to make your new home more sustainable. This is especially important for your water and electricity systems. You can save a lot of money on your utility bills with eco-friendly replacements. 

5. Where to Begin?

Once you have seen to the important big items, such as maintenance and sustainability, where should you start to beautify your home? Most people go for the kitchen and modernize it. Next, they get the main bathroom done and look at the bedrooms next. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences, but usually the garden and deck are the last to receive attention. Your budget will also play a role, such as if you need new appliances and a total overhaul of the kitchen, for example, to get rid of ugly cupboards.  

6. Historical Buildings

Make sure that you have not bought a historical building. This could severely limit the changes you can make. You may be required to keep old fixtures and other items. 

7. Fireplace 

One of the nicest features to find in your new home is a wood-burning fireplace. However, you need to check that it is safe and in good condition. Make sure the extractor works correctly.

8. Damp

Many people apply a fresh coat of paint to a house they are selling. While this gives it a fresh look, it can also conceal rising damp. This can be a nightmare to deal with. Before signing off, ask the sellers if damp is a problem. This may give you some recourse to get it dealt with at their expense.

9. Pest Control

An old property is more likely to have cracks and crevices where pests such as cockroaches can hide. Solutions you can buy in the shop are seldom sufficient to eradicate an infestation. Contact a specialist, such as Spidexx, to get the problem under control.

It will take time, money and effort to restore an old house to your specifications, but it is well worth it in the end.


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