New Standard of Urban Luxury – Advantages of Condo Living for Home Ownership

New Standard of Urban Luxury - Advantages of Condo Living for Home Ownership

The appeal of condo living has only increased over the last few decades—and for good reason.  Home ownership is a diverse and rocky landscape if there ever was one, and life in a condo serves to limit the amount of potential money-draining issues that can and quite often do arise. Here are four clear advantages of living in a condo vs living in a house.


The unceasing wave of urbanization has only bolstered the condo’s appeal.  Due to the malleable, space-saving design of most condominium buildings, their location is not helplessly tethered to wide-open spaces.  There are many condos in the center of large cities as well as in the surrounding regions. For example, along the southern coast of Manhattan there are few -if any- full houses available for purchase, but there are many condominium buildings, including the highly anticipated luxury tower, One Manhattan Square. Condos can go where houses cannot—it’s really that simple.


While a house with a yard in, say, Queens or Brooklyn, would be largely unaffordable and unrealistic to most buyers, a condo can offer a similar, and at times, more enjoyable lifestyle for a more affordable price. Moreover, any issues to the exterior portion or the internal framework of the condo are rarely ever the tenant’s responsibility, so you can live worry-free in that regard. If the siding or the roof needs to be replaced, a condo owner is rarely ever on the hook for the cost of these potentially massive projects.


When you live in a condo you’re a member of a community, and as a member of said community you are welcome to enjoy the various neighborhood amenities offered. Often condo buildings have fitness centers, lounges, game rooms, pools, rooftop cabanas, screening rooms, and basically anything else one can imagine. Now, obviously not all condos are created equal, and you’ll have to shop around a bit to find the ideal, amenity-laden building, but by-in-large, condos offer far more amenities than owning a house.


Maintaining a home can be a massive undertaking. From simple external repairs to landscaping and lawn maintenance, general home upkeep typically comprises a least a few hours a week. If you own a condo however, in nearly all cases, landscaping, and structural upkeep is not your responsibility. Condo owners pay a maintenance fee to be free from the hassle of having to worry about general, external upkeep. Less worry means less stress. The entire design behind condo living is centered around this more-inclusive, resort-style approach.


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