New Home Alternatives – 4 Construction Advantages Of Pre-Cut Buildings

New Home Alternatives - 4 Construction Advantages of Pre-Cut Buildings

When you think of pre-cut homes you may imagine an ugly, modular home, but this could not be further away from the truth in 2017. Today, the new style pre-cut buildings are attractive, cost-efficient and hold many advantages over other types of buildings. Pre-cut buildings are also known as kit houses, ready-cut houses and catalogue homes. These are the names for factory-manufactured housing, whereby building materials are pre-cut to design specifications, shipped to the site and installed.

A pre-cut home arrives at the project site in parts, much like a jigsaw puzzle, that are pre-cut to the precise size of the design. Although, such homes are partially still constructed on-site. Several hours of paid labour is saved as all the components have been pre-cut to the required size. However, these homes must meet local or state building codes. 

Here are four advantages of constructing with different types of pre-cut buildings:

Cost Effective

One of the greatest advantages of a pre-cut steel building is its cost-effectiveness.  As components have been incisively engineered to fit together smoothly and as the parts are cut and prepared in-plant using automated procedures, cost of installation reduces significantly. When metal components arrive at the project site, the skill level and labour required for their assembly are significantly lower. As a result, your construction costs are reduced by 60%.

Therefore, they are cheaper to purchase and build than a conventional brick or concrete home, and the process is simple enough for you to put it together yourself. The ability to self-assemble will save you a substantial amount of money, over having a standard structure built for you by a paid contractor.  Nonetheless, if you do have to take on a professional erector, it is comparatively cheaper and quicker than any other standard way of construction. We recommend checking out for more savings ideas.

If you do choose to hire a professional erector or any other trade during the construction of your home, you can add an extra layer of financial security by making sure that the company you are hiring is bonded. If your contractor can post a bid bond or performance bond alongside their price to do the job, then that bond can be cashed by you if the contractor fails to do the job right. Bonding is a bit complex so you can read more about what a bid bond is if you want to learn more about this.

Pre-cut Buildings are Flexible in Design

A pre-cut home offers more opportunity for design variations than prefabricated homes. The majority of pre-cut home companies will allow you to customise the pre-cut building to suit your personal requirements. For instance, if you want to change the original plan and have the lounge on the other side of the house, the chances that it can be done are promising. Some companies will even allow you to create a totally custom kit home. Also, unlike a prefab home a kit home does not have a restriction on the size of a room.

Moreover, a pre-cut steel building can incorporate almost any amenity offered in wood-frame structures. Owners can select wall panel styles and colours, flooring, roofing, windows, doors, finishing and accessories along with features such as solar panels and skylights. The possibilities for customisation are nearly endless.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Pre-cut homes are right up there with respect to efficient energy consumption due to the materials used (such as insulation, and double glazing) and also because of the design itself. Apart from being energy-efficient, pre-cut steel buildings are environmentally friendly as they are made of completely recyclable steel. You will increase your energy efficiency even more, with a composite door Belfast offers to international customers. A pre-cut building generates fewer carbon emissions via efficient energy use and decreases the impact of new construction on planet earth’s finite resources.

A Pre-cut Home Helps You in the Building Process

The majority of pre-cut home supplier companies will provide you with all the documentation you require to get planning license approval for your building. Also, experienced kit home developers hold sound repute with the local financial institutions and can even get you good terms should you need to finance your kit home. Moreover, they will also give you the necessary guidance needed to get your building license so that you can start constructing the home yourself.


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