Moving Into An Old Home?

Moving Into An Old Home

The allure of old homes never dulls. You may find the antique interiors and furniture are worth quite a good amount. However, their great charm comes with hidden challenges. If you live or plan to buy an old home, some challenges come with the plumbing system. Have the house’s drainage and plumbing diagram? Same day trades remarkably advise you to get hold of it as it will be a better guide in tackling the problems that come with old pipes and fixtures.

Now, let’s go through what are some of the challenges you anticipate:

Corrosion of pipes

While modern houses are built using PVC pipes, the older homes were fitted with metal pipes such as galvanized and copper pipes. These metals have a high level of corrosion, and most likely, the plumbing system in the home is damaged. The corroded pipes leach contaminants into the water supply of the house, making it unfit for consumption. There is a high possibility of leakages from rusty pipes.


Not only should you look out for leakages, but it’s also a high possibility the pipes used are Polybutylene. It was used to manufacture pipes in the 70s to 90s and was famous for its convenience and low price. However, with time, its durability turned out to be very poor due to the material being weak as it continually got exposed to water.

If the home was built around the same time, you have a high possibility of coming across leaking pipes.

Inadequate water pressure

It’s a common problem for old houses to have less water pressure due to lack of maintenance and old pipes. The pipes, in most cases, are corroded, and these deposits clog the system. Low water pressure can make daily tasks in the home a challenge and affect the effectiveness of dishwashers and washing machines. Same day trades recommend you run the shower or tap to test water pressure.

Neglected sewer lines

Being an old home, the lack of maintenance of the plumbing system extends to the sewer lines. Septic tanks and sewer lines need routine maintenance to avoid clogs. A sewer line that is not regularly maintained can have major leaks and allow sewerage back into the house. Get a Mandurah plumber to check your sewer and septic tank. If the tank has not been emptied for long, you may need to put it on your to-do list.

Rundown fixtures

By now, you know there are a few things that need replacement in the home. On that list, add handles, faucets, washers, and valves. These wear out over time. There may be minor leaks that will be visible over time. Have a professional plumber from same day trades go through your home and pick out what has reached their full capability.


If there are trees near the premises, then it’s a likelihood their roots have penetrated the plumbing pipes and sewer lines. You will not confirm this just by looking from the surface. Hire a professional plumber to do a full inspection for any repairs.If you are moving into an old house, check the plumbing system for corrosion, low water pressure, rundown fixtures, and intrusion of roots into sewers. Repair and replace to have an efficient plumbing system.


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