More Than Modern – How to Make Your Kitchen Luxurious

More Than Modern - How to Make Your Kitchen Luxurious

Out of every room in the house, the kitchen is king; with floor to ceiling cabinets and life-size appliances, it’s hard not to be. It’s the space where your eye travels first and where your attention lingers longest, especially in an open concept layout. In a sense, it determines much of the overall feel and aesthetic of your home.

If you are shopping for a second home or are on a mission to make your current kitchen more luxurious, consider the following fancy features:

Definitely Do Double Ovens

Double ovens offer more than visual benefit — one acts as your main oven (that doesn’t require bending over) and the other serves as a plate warmer or an additional baking source. Plus, without a cooktop/oven combo, you’ll have more freedom to open up your floor plan. When choosing the right set for your space, opt for a high-end, side-opening ovenmade with stainless steel.

Insist on an Island Cooktop

Be careful not to focus too much on the looks of the kitchen layout when it’s empty. Part of what makes it a luxurious amenity is how it accommodates your lifestyle. For example, using an island cooktop will keep you from turning your back to your dinner guests while chopping vegetables or tending to whatever is on the stove. Facing forward, surrounded by a generous island workspace, you’ll be able to both entertain and prepare.

Select a Commercial-style Range

Separate might not be your style. If you’d rather have the oven and stove in one place, do so with a commercial-style range. Complete with heavy cast-iron grates, thick knobs and handles and high-BTU burners, a pro-style range will have a commanding presence in any kitchen. Larger than an average stove, a commercial-style range requires custom cabinetry to accommodate its width. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how a simple appliance can become a visual statement and transform a kitchen.

Prioritize a Pot Filler

If you choose the oven/cooktop combo, it’ll likely be nestled along a wall. Instead of carrying pots and pans back and forth to the sink, request that a pot filler be put above the range. Not only will it provide a flowing source of water for big pots of boiling pasta or soup, but curious house guests are bound to inquire about its simply elegant look.

Complete with a Coffee Bar

In addition to a beverage station or wet bar, complete your kitchen with a coffee corner. An easy-to-use espresso makerand automated milk frother will guarantee a delicious morning pick-me-up, and will add functionality and fun to your new kitchen. Depending on the style of the room, you may choose to keep mugs and bowls of sugar tucked away but easily accessible — or you may wish to accentuate your java love with exposed shelving.

Don’t Forget About a Dishwasher Drawer

A dishwasher drawer can be used in place of or in addition to a full-size dishwasher. In the kitchen, it’s an efficient tool for quickly cleaning a few dishes. If you have room, consider installing one in the butler’s pantry or near the coffee bar.

Keep Your Trash Out of Sight

The next time you visit a luxurious home of a friend or colleague, look around. What you won’t find is a visible trash can or recycling bin. In upscale accommodations, those amenities are kept hidden from residents’ sight and smell. When choosing cabinetry or deciding what to keep where, make sure to leave space for a built-in, pull-out trash bin.


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