Mission Viejo Pool Services – Why Professional Pool Services Are Worth the Investment

Mission Viejo Pool Services - Why Professional Pool Services Are Worth the Investment

Most homeowners believe that they can save money by skimping out on pool maintenance services. This article explains why doing so actually costs homeowners more money in the long run.

With more than 10 million residential pools in the United States, one can imagine the large demand for pool maintenance businesses. California, being a sunny state home to some of the richest people in the country, is especially in high demand for Mission Viejo pool services.

Swimming pool maintenance services can cost a pretty penny. Because of this, a lot of homeowners choose to go the DIY route when caring for their pools. They believe that doing so can save them money. While it’s true that homeowners can save money by doing things themselves, dealing with pool maintenance can be tricky. The reality is that they’re setting themselves up for even bigger expenses in the long run.

Why Professional Mission Viejo Pool Services Are Important

Professional pool services are offered by companies who have the experience and expertise on pool maintenance to help them do their jobs well. Homeowners going the DIY route with pool maintenance usually only have the internet to guide them through the process. While this is enough for some skilled homeowners to get the job done, it can unintentionally open up doors for more problems.

Professional Pool Maintenance: Detecting and Preventing Bigger Issues

When your pools are regularly maintained by professionals, you can avoid any larger problems to arise in the future. This is because these skilled professionals know what to look for. They can spot potential problem-starters and apply the necessary fixes to prevent them. A professional can detect even the littlest discrepancies that are tell-tale signs of a pool issue and a lay-person can easily overlook these.

Detecting and preventing pool issues as early as possible not only saves one’s pool and pool equipment from damage and deterioration, it saves homeowners’ money, too. Pool construction and system installations can easily cost homeowners thousands of dollars. To have to replace expensive equipment or even entire systems due to preventable problems is a waste of money.

Services Offered by Professional Pool Maintenance Businesses

Homeowners who do DIY pool maintenance can only do so much for their pools. At most, they can clean their pools, clean the pool filters, and maybe fix and adjust the pool heaters.

Professional pool maintenance service businesses can offer way more than just basic cleaning and repair services:

Basic Services

Weekly Maintenance

Even the basic cleaning services offered by professional pool maintenance businesses are more thorough than any homeowner can accomplish. During a weekly maintenance run, the following services are done:

  • Pool floor vacuuming.
  • Pool wall and tile brushing to remove algae and calcium buildup.
  • Pool equipment inspecting and cleaning.
  • Chemical adjusting to ensure optimum PH and chlorine levels.

Filter Cleaning

A pool’s filter works the same way as a liver works for a human. A clean filter gets you clean water. During a routine filter cleaning, pool maintenance professionals do the following:

  • They take apart the pool filters – each grid carefully taken out for a thorough inspection.
  • The grids are individually inspected for any rips or tears. Depending on the severity of the tear, they can be repaired or totally replaced.
  • The grids are then cleaned thoroughly and reassembled inside the filter.

 Basic filter cleaning usually ends with that but some companies include additional steps like coating the grids with diatomaceous earth to protect the filter and ensure longevity.

Fixture and Equipment Repair and Upgrading

Maintaining a swimming pool calls for the installation of various equipment. These equipment control a pool’s temperature, water levels, chemical levels, etc. These equipment are susceptible to damage because of misuse or just everyday wear-and-tear. Whether it’s entire machines or parts like motors, filters, and pumps, professionals can get these back up and running.

Pool lighting that need repair and replacement is also covered under this basic service. Companies replace the lighting fixtures as well as the cords that connect it to one’s electrical box. They then ensure that these fixtures are sealed tightly to prevent water from damaging it.

Some companies offer upgrades to old pool systems for modernization and/or aesthetic purposes. These upgrades can include adding LED lights, adding smart phone controls, adding automation systems, and adding salt water conversion systems.

These upgrades are good investments as they can make pool maintenance much easier for homeowners and can therefore save them even more money. Some upgrades make existing pool equipment more energy efficient to lessen homeowners’ monthly electricity bills – that’s even more money saved!

Advanced Services

Bigger pool maintenance companies can offer advanced Mission Viejo pool services for Californian homeowners who want to go the extra mile and further improve their swimming pools.

Salt Water Conversion System Installation

Chlorine in swimming pools can cause undesired stinging in one’s eyes and nose. Those with sensitive skin can also suffer harsh allergic reactions to this pool chemical.

Homeowners who are sensitive to chlorine can opt to convert their existing traditionally chlorinated pools into salt water pools. Pool maintenance companies can install salt chlorine generators, filters, and a salt water control board – an entire salt water conversion system to lessen chlorine exposure and provide homeowners with a more pleasant pool experience.

Installation and maintenance of these systems can be pricey but the investment is surely worth it considering all the benefits salt water pools have over traditional chlorinated ones.

Acid Washes

Homeowners who want to be even more thorough with sanitizing their pools can have companies do pool acid washes. The process involves the following steps:

  • Draining of the pool.
  • Brushing the entire pool area with a diluted acid mixture.
  • Spot cleaning pool tiles.
  • Water and chemical refilling.
  • Filter cleaning.

Unlike traditional pool cleaning, this laborious process is very thorough to make one’s pool surface look good as new.

Given all the services that a professional pool maintenance business can offer, it is clear that it’s better than DIY maintenance methods. Homeowners can only do so much and when it comes to caring for pools, the more thorough the processes, the better they are for both the pools and a homeowner’s bank account.


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