Mattress Financing: Should I Do It?

Mattress Financing: Should I Do It?

Yes, you read it correctly! You can finance your mattress rather than paying a lump sum at the counter. A buyer can finance the mattress using a credit card. However, they can ask the seller about other ways to finance the item. The buyer can choose the in-house option or when buying online.

Financing mattress is advantageous to the seller because it is more profitable to them. Individuals who cannot afford it, search for mattress sales near me, seeking mattress providers with experience. Furthermore, it encourages individuals to purchase expensive mattresses they could not have otherwise.

The Advantages of Mattress Financing

Improves credit score

Financing a mattress lets the individual increase their credit score. The mode of payment involves the amount of credit allotted to the buyer and its utilization. When the buyer makes the payments on time, it builds their credit score positively in the long run.

Low interest

Many mattress companies offer favorable interest rates to promote sales. It will not disturb the monthly budget; you can sleep soundly at night. If the budget lets you pay for the mattress on time, take advantage of the situation. You can negotiate interest-free payments for more benefits.

The Disadvantages of Mattress Financing

Expensive alternative

Unfortunately, financing a mattress will cost the buyer more than making a cash payment. As a result, the mattress costs more. Financing a mattress includes interest and additional processing fees. Moreover, there are also fines for late payments.

Ruins the credit score

Secondly, payment financing can harm the credit score if you cannot make the time payments. Unknowingly, you can miss a payment. Furthermore, circumstances change when you cannot afford the mattress in the future. As a result, the credit score worsens. The same thought applies to financing bigger possessions such as a car or a house. 

Difficult to return after the trial period

Mattress sellers have a trial period where the buyer can test the item. However, returning the mattress after the trial period becomes challenging if you are financing it. The customer must pay the interest already incurred for the purchase return.

When should you finance a mattress?

In certain circumstances, financing a mattress is an excellent option, such as relocating to a new flat or city. You can also finance a mattress for medical reasons too. Undoubtedly, relocating to a new place is expensive, and you want to reserve expenses for rent. Financing a mattress builds confidence so you can decorate a new place quickly.

Doctors can also recommend a new mattress for medical reasons such as back problems and sleeplessness. Financing a mattress will relax your body and wallet so you can focus on your health.

Elements in Mattress Financing

When searching for the best mattress financing option, the individual must study the following:

  1. Will the retailer implement a relaxed or strict credit score policy?
  2. The amount of interest applicable to the item
  3. The rate of interest
  4. Hidden charges, additional fees, or penalties

The Takeaway

Financing a mattress is beneficial when the customer cannot pay the whole amount. However, it is also the customer’s responsibility to do research. We suggest putting your finger on the mattress that fits your budget and then reading the financing guidelines. Do not finance a mattress without calculations, as it can burden your budget and wallet in the future. 


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