Marketing Trends – Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

Marketing Trends - Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Businesses

Think of marketing as the engine that leads your brand to the doors of new users. The sole purpose of marketing is not to win a sale but to spread awareness about your product, service, or brand. The world of marketing is a volatile space that changes based on trends and popularity.

A small cause can trigger these changes in trends. For example, the widespread sale of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home; gave birth to the trend of voice search. Brands now needed to draw their focus on yet another content-distribution channel.

Content marketing is trend-driven. The process of ‘what content to make’ comprises a large bank of stats and figures. 

Here are the five practical real estate marketing ideas 2020 embraces. These trends, backed with the right content, can yield high-quality leads.

Trend 1: User Search-Driven Content

Online searchers are a goldmine of information for content creators. It is a simple supply and demand equation. When more people are searching for certain keywords or specific information — the best option is to tailor-make content to that need.

We can classify online content searching into several buckets. The requirement for search can be for information, research, or action-based. Information searches are the most common online searches; this is the process of using search engines as an educational tool. If your brand creates informative content, you will appear in these results.

Research, unlike information, is searching for more data on concrete detail. For example “Best new homes near me”. Then there are action-based searches like “buy a home now”. Making your content relevant to these searches will indirectly drive traffic to your brand.

Trend 2: Video Content

If given an option between reading a food recipe, or watching a one-minute video on the same subject – more people will pick the video. The video medium is on the rise to take over as the most effective means for online marketing. 56% of users confirm that real estate websites with a video are more helpful than one without it.

Video content has become easy to consume. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have started Facebook Watch and IGTV respectively, for this very reason. The crux of online video marketing is to create captivating video content; which can eventually generate leads for potential home buyers.

As a real estate company, you can have a presence on all digital platforms and make content that is relevant to your target audience. These can be brand videos, home tours, informational videos, etc.  

Video live streams are another genre of videos that have made the news in 2020. In the post-pandemic world, there is a need to move live events to the online medium. Interactive and exciting live streams have been the go-to alternative to an event or product launch.    

Trend 3: Reinventing Podcasting

While the video did kill the radio star, there is a new light to podcasting that has taken shape. Many daily commuters prefer listening to podcasts over repetitive radio shows. The best way to make the most from a podcast is to stick to a very narrow niche.

For the real estate market, podcast topics on home constructions, unique home stories, etc., will make for an exciting product. To make a lasting impact, produce a consistent set of episodes. Shoot these podcasts on a video camera and upload a video version on YouTube to double your reach.

Another alternative is advertising on podcasts. Podcast listeners are highly niche-divided, and marketing on a podcast as a sponsor can generate very authentic leads. You can also approach noteworthy local podcasts and be a guest on them to plug your brand. Whether you make money podcasting or in advertising, there are sure to be benefits to your business.

Trend 4: Subject-Expert Content Creation

To understand this better, let’s take the example of two blogs. Both of these blogs are about the ‘best car to buy in 2020’. 

Let’s assume both of these blogs are equally well written and offer the same value. If one of the blogs is on a car magazine website, while the other is on a lifestyle blog — the blog on the car magazine website will rank higher on searches.

This is simply because the search engine would rank a page or website higher if it has more subject knowledge on a single niche—this is an excellent hack for content creation. If you are a real estate brand, then you can take the subject knowledge route and create a wholesome content strategy.

This form of content creation is robust and might take much longer, but the results are phenomenal. The broader idea is to have a one-stop shop for all things in your niche. To make a better market impact, you can keep this region-specific.

Trend 5: Zero-Fade Away From Traditional Marketing

As much as we chase the new trends, the conventional ways of spreading awareness will never leave the bandwagon. Brands must look at these as ongoing operations that will give steady turnovers in time, for minimal efforts.

One example of traditional marketing is email marketing. While chasing the “in-thing” is essential, one must not forget these tried-and-tested ways. 

The reason they are still prevalent is because of familiarity. The internet is flooded with people of all ages, and some prefer reading a newsletter than scroll on Reddit.

Even offline marketing channels like a collaboration with a local store-owner, or posters on a park bench are still encouraged because they resonate with users as an achievement. 


Marketing is a game of trial-and-error. What might work for a competitor might not work for your company. 

Keep your content original and relevant — the leads will follow over time. You will have to be in this for the long haul and give importance to quality over quantity.

Content is the backbone of all these marketing plans. In the television show Mad Men, the show about iconic advertising, the protagonist Don Draper famously said: “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.” — that is the power of content marketing. 

It can spark conversations around your brand. And change the perception as you like it to be.


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