Make Your Website Stand Out With Good Web Design

Make Your Website Stand Out With Good Web Design

A website consists of many important factors like the frontend, backend, as well as a database. Perhaps the most fundamental and important part of the website though is its web design, as it is the only part that visitors see.

The visitor judges your website based on its design and styling, so no matter how much effort is put into a database, or how brilliantly the website is coded in the backend, if the web design of the website is not effective, then the visitor will leave the site as soon as it is loaded โ€“ resulting in an increased bounce rate, which represents the percentage of visitors who enter a site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

Thatโ€™s how traffic on your website can be controlled by the web design alone. If your site has a good and attractive web design with useful content, then users will surely visit again. But if the website is not beautiful and the web design of the site is poor, the visitor could even think it’s a malware-infested site and will leave and never open it again. There are solutions, as lucky for you there are many website designers in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. They are very professional and are very experienced in web design, assuring you to get the job done properly and accurately.

If you are not interested in hiring, and would rather do the job on your own, then you must follow these rules to make a nice and proper site:

The faster the website loads, the faster its credibility increases

The loading speed of a website is in direct relation to its credibility. The visitor will not wait too long and if a website takes too much time to load, he or she will simply leave the site before it even opens. So, the first thing that you should do to increase the credibility of your website is to design it in such a way that it loads instantly, as we have done with The Pinnacle List website.

You can begin improving the loading and reloading time of your website by properly optimizing the images, audio, and video on your website. Additionally, you will want to use the least amount of scripts and plugins as possible to decrease page load time. A good place to start is with how you gather statistics of visitors and page views, where choosing Fathom Analytics over Google Analytics not only proves to increase your site’s speed, but it’s also the ethical choice to respect the privacy of your visitors.

Proper site navigation is a must

The user must be able to find the data or the content he or she is looking for easily. If they are unable to find the data, they will instantly leave the website. Proper site navigation is a must, as it provides proper direction to the content and organizes it accurately. If a website is properly navigated, the user will not have to waste a lot of time figuring out how to use your website.

Other than these few key points, your website must consist of proper use of typography, as well as an effective selection of images that can also play a key role in good web design.

Stay tuned for more useful articles how-to guides on The Pinnacle List about web design.


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