Luxury Real Estate Design Trends For 2022

Luxury Real Estate Design Trends For 2022

Luxury real estate design is always changing. In 2021, we saw more upgrades happening indoors, since we were spending a majority of our time inside. But now, we’re seeing everything from sprawling exteriors, to innovative interiors. Indeed, 2022 is all about personalization in every room of your home. So, if you’ve always had an interest in real design and are considering a career in interior design, you’ll want to continue reading. Here are some of the top luxury real estate design trends in 2022.

Gourmet Kitchen

Upgraded kitchens are making a comeback in a big way. We are seeing large drawers, warm hues, and plenty of stainless-steel appliances. In addition, bold wallpaper prints and even statement walls painted in the color of the year will be big this year. That, in conjunction with natural lighting, sets the stage for the ultimate dining experience.

Combined Indoor and Outdoor Space

When it comes to combining indoor and outdoor space, you need to consider the elements. Wood and stone are the hallmarks of a lot of luxury designs. Both natural and made materials can help create a balance between the inside and nature. And while it might seem easy enough to simply install a large window that lifts to allow walk thru, it’s a bit more complicated than that. To really understand how to strike the balance in luxury design, you need to understand the basics, and that involves continuous learning.

If you’re considering working as an interior designer, you might want to go back to school and earn a four-year degree. You can pay out of pocket, or apply for student loans to help with financing. This usually offers better repayment options and lower interest rates. While studying, you can intern under an established designer and possibly land a position once you graduate.

Focus on Sustainability

While going green has been in style for years, the focus on sustainability is now more important than ever, especially in luxury design. Energy-efficient heating and coolant in appliances, as well as air filtration systems with high MERV ratings, which help reduce bacteria and allergens, will be center stage. Even things like the different types of flooring you can install will have an element of environmental responsibility that you can consider. Focusing on companies that ethically source is one way to carry sustainability throughout your entire home’s design.

Home Office Space

Over the last two years, creating a home office wasn’t a luxury, it was a necessity. We used any corner we could find to hold Zoom meetings and try to conduct business as usual. Now, we’re seeing more homeowners and luxury developers creating designated office spaces that make work not feel like working. Warm mahogany tones, plush seating and subdued lighting create the perfect space to focus on work while being comfortable. Alternatively, super sleek furniture with monotone hues will also be popular this year.

Enhanced Security

High-tech security systems will continue to evolve in 2022. Fingerprint scanners, motion sensors and even hidden pepper sprayers are available to increase your home’s luxury factor. Blast films, which make windows harder to break, will now become a staple in new developments.

Smart Home Tech

Modern homes will also have more automated functionality. Voice activation, remote control shades, temperatures and lights keep homes running almost on their own.


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