Luxury Outdoor Living – Essentials for Your Backyard Oasis

Luxury Outdoor Living - Essentials for Your Backyard Oasis

keep. And bringing the comforts of home outdoors is an art form that is only limited by the quality of your construction and the creativity of your imagination. You can find seemingly endless ideas and inspiration from luxury living magazines and Pinterest, but these are the must-haves for any backyard oasis.

Redefining the Back Yard BBQ

Dining al fresco is one of our favorite luxuries; hamburgers and hot dogs complete with charred gristle from the last meal is not. Stainless steel luxury grills with warming drawers, rotisserie options and NASA-level temperature controls and are a good way to combat this problem, but our favorite solution is The Egg. The Big Green Egg to be exact. Touted as more than a favorite of novice cooks and professionals, this charcoal grill-slash-smoker has reached legendary status for its ability to cook everything from bread and pizza to oysters Rockefeller and a 20-pound turkey.

Gotta Get Your Own Grotto

Anyone who has seen an episode of MTV’s “Cribs” knows a luxury outdoor experience is all about the grotto. If adding an artificial cave is out of the question, how about a hot tub in a secluded spot in the yard? If you’ve got kids, a water slide doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Subtly working an element of fun into your pool design should be no problem for a custom swimming pool designer with vision. Do your research online and in person while choosing a local builder, and never be embarrassed to ask for references.

Low Maintenance with High-End Appeal

Don’t come home from a business trip or vacation to find your backyard oasis looking like an overgrown jungle. While regular maintenance of any living space is essential to maintaining it usability, if you’re out of town often, it makes sense to choose certain backyard features that keep your upkeep costs low. Consider plants and trees that aren’t going to shed mountains of leaves when the season changes. Also consider interlocking pavers instead of grass — they’re gorgeous, and you’ll save time, headache and money in upkeep.

The Fire Pit

People naturally gravitate to a fire pit. It’s the perfect place to pass around an old bottle of wine and stare into something that’s not a flat screen. Whether your look is old-world rustic or sleek and modern, there are some truly inspiring fireplaces out there that will make you and your guests feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And you don’t even have to call your architect — you can buy gorgeous prefabricated pits, chimineas and bowls that take that boring corner of the backyard and turn it into an inviting centerpiece. The more engaging nooks you can build around the property, the more you and your guests will want to mingle, mellow out, and soak up the fresh air.


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