Luxury Living – One of the Best Long-Range Cordless Phones for an Estate Home

Luxury Living - One of the Best Long-Range Cordless Phones for an Estate Home

Cordless phones are commonplace in almost every home with a landline; however, the luxury real estate market can often present some unique challenges with massive estates and sprawling multi-acre properties creating dead zones for Wi-Fi and DECT based phones. The most crucial element whenever thinking about a cordless phone system for a luxury property is absolutely reception range and communications features.

When it comes to purchasing a cordless phone system, there are a couple of things which you will want to consider you start comparison shopping. You may also want a system that allows a walkie-talkie direct communication feature.  Long range communication devices with this feature provide the facility to communicate with others for transferring important messages directly. These sorts of walky-talkies are widely using in various fields like office buildings, warehouses, airports, factories and even in some of the best homes in the world.

AI functionality on the most recent flagship phones allow them to be able to recognize over 500 individual scenarios. Some systems also function as brief range tracking devices that include a receiver that will supply a parent with immediate feedback on their child’s location, while the longer-range devices often require some form of interface to access the GPS tracking details.

If you’re on the lookout for a long-range cordless phone system for your luxury home, there are plenty of long-range phone reviews on the Internet. One of the best options you will find is the EnGenius DruaFon Pro long-range cordless phone system. This cordless device has multi-base 2-way radio communication provides users with a great uninterrupted connection and clear voice quality.

EnGenius DruaFon Pro

The Engenius durafon pro is built with a high-quality hardware design with powerful, sensitive digital signal processing. It can provide extended range communication facility that is a great fit for every sort of environment and area.

EnGenius Dura Walkie has a two-way communication system which involve one walky-talky handset, when you are out the range of the base unit. It has 6X most powerful cordless communication rather than average cordless walky-talky phones.

The coverage range of EnGeniusDurafon Pro depends upon the area dimensions. Usually, it can be efficiently operated up to 11-12 building height or a floor area covering approximately 25,000 square feet. This is a long-range cordless phone system that goes where Wi-Fi and DECT phones cannot.


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