Luxury Home Trends – Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces with Extravagant Water Features

Luxury Home Trends - Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces with Extravagant Water Features

An outdoor living area is a significant feature of a home for property developers with buyers placing importance on gardens and green spaces when purchasing a home. Not only is a garden and lawn a vital extension of a home, it is also a place to relax, reflect, and unwind. One of the ways to make the outdoor space a luxurious corner is to integrate water elements. Pools and hot tubs not only provide an oasis of relaxation, but also enhance the sumptuous feel of an outdoor space.

Hot Tubs and Home Spas

The garden is the new living room with many homeowners increasing their time spent outdoors to be close to nature, take a break, exercise, or socialize. A feature that improves the appeal of an outdoor space is a hot tub and home spa.  For many years, hot tubs have been a luxury staple in backyards serving as a place to unwind and relieve stress. They also provide health benefits and are great at lowering arthritis pain or blood sugar levels. Thanks to technology advancements and innovations, you can also have a swim spa or spool for houses with limited spaces.

Maintaining hot tubs and swim spas is not that difficult. Linton’s in the Garden recommends regular maintenance to ensure that the tub is free from harmful organisms and is safe and clean for users. Computerized water treatment systems also allow you to spend more time relaxing because testing and dosing of chemicals to keep your tub sparkling is automated. 

Pools Serve Many Purposes

Swimming pools offer the possibility to enhance the functionality of your backyard serving as a place to lounge, work out, and entertain.  They enhance the sale value of your property as well by up to 7% depending on factors such as location and climate according to a US News & World Report. Nowadays, there are many choices of swimming pool materials from gunite to fiberglass that can be used in ground and above ground pools. 

In addition, there are several styles of pools that are attractive to potential buyers. This year, dark interior pools that imitate the looks of the ocean or a lagoon give a swimming pool a stylish finish while tanning shelves are amazing features for those who want to hang out in the shallow part of the pool to bask in the sun. Other cutting-edge features that enhance the plush atmosphere of a garden include swim-up bars, pavilions, and pergolas.

Hot tubs and pools are extravagant features that potential homeowners appreciate when spending more time outdoors. They are fantastic elements that enhance the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces.


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