Luxury Apartments Hackensack – Are Luxury Apartments Worth It?

Luxury Apartments Hackensack - Are Luxury Apartments Worth It?

If you’re in search of a new apartment and you have a reasonable amount of money to work with, it might not be a bad idea to look into applying for one from Luxury Apartments Hackensack, New Jersey.  These apartment complexes usually boast of spacious, high-quality apartments, with many different amenities. But you won’t be able to enjoy these perks without paying a lot of extra money. But is living in a luxury apartment really worth it?

Perks of Living in a Luxury Apartment

Living in Luxury Apartments Hackensack has its perks and here are some of them:

  • High-quality living space – Most luxury apartments are known for the level of quality they devote to the interior space. They’re designed and equipped with state-of-the-art, modern features, and showcase first-rate interior designs. Some apartments come with their own luxury furniture, and others even provide top-of-the-line appliances. There’s no need for you to worry much about things getting broken, or about features being inaccessible. This very important for a lot of tenants. 
  • Great Location and Impressive Views – In the United States, commuters spend around an average of 25 minutes to-and-from their destination every day. This results in nearly an hour of lost time for the average worker daily. Most luxury apartments are located downtown, or nearby major workplaces, which means travel time can be cut down dramatically. Instead of wasting close to an hour commuting to work each day, you can cut it down to 10 to 15 minutes at best. In addition, these apartments offer an impressive view of the town or city it is located in. Some boast of the view of the city skyline, while some offer ocean, lake, or forest views. To some people, these features are worth spending a few extra hundred dollars for. 
  • Socialization and Community Interactions – Socializing and interacting with others is said to have a huge impact on a person’s health and happiness. Living in a luxury apartment complex with other people can give you plenty of opportunities to interact with others daily. Not only will you be able to meet new friends and form friendships, but your mental health will benefit greatly too.
  • Extra Amenities – The majority of luxury apartment complexes boast of extra amenities such as fitness and recreation centers where its tenants can exercise, or a communal space where people can relax and interact with each other. This can save tenants money and time from spending on gym memberships or hanging out in cafes. 

High-end amenities and services make luxury apartments Hackensack stand out from other apartment complexes. Below are just some of the most common amenities available in luxury apartments:

  1. Indoor pools
  2. Parks
  3. Gym/ fitness centers
  4. Spacious parking spaces
  5. Yoga centers
  6. Grocery centers
  7. Walk-in closets
  8. Consistent, 24/7 power supply
  9. Gas and electricity connections
  10. Heating and cooling systems
  11. Maid’s room/driver’s quarters

Take the above-mentioned amenities into consideration if you ever decide to go apartment hunting. 

  • A Sense of Safety and Security – Luxury apartments, like luxury apartments Hackensack, are generally some of the safest and most secure places in a given area. If safety is one of your biggest concerns, then you can rest assured that luxury apartments can give you all that and more. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re living in a place where you have better protection, and this is worth the extra investment. 
  • Attention and Assistance – Because you usually pay a huge amount of money every month on rent, luxury apartment owners are generally attentive to your needs. In fact, most of them are willing to lend more support and assistance with some issues that need attention. For example, if something goes wrong in your apartment, such as a leak in the kitchen, you’ll get faster help with maintenance and repair. You’ll also have more negotiating power when going over the terms of a new lease. 
  • Improved Mental and Physical Health – Tenants tend to experience less stress with living in luxury apartments. This is because there are plenty of opportunities to exercise and engage with other people. In addition, the exclusive environment of the luxury apartment affords tenants to pursue new hobbies and positive habits. With reduced stress comes better physical and mental health, and this is just a small price to pay for your health. 

Cons of Living in a Luxury Apartment

After learning the perks of luxury apartment living, it’s time for us to explore the cons or disadvantages it comes with as well. They are as follows:

  • Expensive – Luxury apartments usually come with a very high price tag regardless of whether you’re paying to rent or buy it. We should also take into consideration the amenities and services you get in a luxury apartment cannot be found or are not offered in regular apartments, hence the price. If you’re running on a tight budget, or if you don’t have a steady source of income, then luxury apartments may not be the best choice for you.
  • High Utility Costs – In most cases, luxury apartments tend to charge higher utility and maintenance costs. These apartments usually have large spaces and big windows and higher ceilings. These features can make the cooling/ heating of the apartment a bit more costly than usual. 
  • Restrictions – Luxury apartments usually stick to a specific theme so it can be difficult or impossible for tenants to change the decorating scheme according to their preferences. Unless you purchased the apartment unit yourself, you will not be able to decorate your space the way you want to without the consent and approval of the apartment building owner. 


For most people, luxury apartments are more than worth the extra money they pay for. The benefits are too good, and the amenities simply align with their personal values. For some people, luxury apartments are too expensive to justify the move. While the price is usually acceptable for those who earn decent incomes every month, it’s still your personal preference that determines whether living in one is a good deal for you or not.


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