Looking the Part – Luxurious Red Carpet Beauty Tips for that Celebrity Chic Style

Looking the Part - Luxurious Red Carpet Beauty Tips for that Celebrity Chic Style

Even if you don’t normally mingle in the luxury circles of the affluent or famous, we all occasionally aspire to envision what it would be like. Sometimes personal luxury is simply an experience that you can enjoy just by looking the part.

After watching the stars walk down the famous red carpet at an awards show, many of us are understandably intrigued by how these glamorous Hollywood types always manage to look so darn good. Of course, at least a few of them were probably the living embodiment of a “fashion don’t” but overall, they looked pretty amazing.

While some celebs love to crow about their bargain-priced dress or homemade beauty cream, the fact is that most of these A-listers are wearing and using clothing and products that cost a pretty penny.

To achieve a luxurious red carpet look of your own, check out the following tips.

Buy products trusted by professionals

There is a reason that certain makeup artists are hired by celebs to make them look fabulous. These professionals are highly experienced, know what they are doing and use high-quality products that do the job.

For example, as Amway noted on its Twitter account, global makeup artist Rick DiCecca recently used Artistry makeup by Amway to help prepare for Pamella Roland’s runway show at New York Fashion Week. If it’s good enough for DiCecca, you can definitely expect great results from the top-quality Artistry brand when you use it at home.

Spring for a great facial mask

Before any makeup is applied to those gorgeous celebs, their skin is typically pampered to make it look its best. As Elle notes, the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant and Masque VIP O2 are worth every penny of the $70-plus price tag. Also, it is critical to use pimple patches at night, whenever there are acne or blemishes on your face. These patches provide protection over the troubled area to shield it from bacteria and other external contaminants, preventing further infection.

The products, which are available online at a variety of retailers are also known for their pungent aroma, but when mixed with baking soda, they morph into a beauty product that — while spendy — can leave your skin looking red-carpet ready.

Expensive face oil also does the trick

If you would rather use a less aromatic product on your skin, Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil lives up to its name, and smells nice, too.

Priced at splurge-worthy $170, it contains 11 essential oils and can be used as an everyday light moisturizer or as a hydration booster. Used underneath your makeup, it can help give you that dewy and line-free look of the stars.

Hair gloss

As colorist Tracey Cunningham told Harper’s Bazaar, Redken Shades EQ Gloss is her go-to product for the red carpet. The product refreshes highlights and corrects uneven hair tones.

Available at local hair salons that sell Redken products, the hair gloss can be used regularly and at least two weeks before a big event when people want their hair to look perfect.

A dress worthy of a grand entrance

To achieve that celebrity chic style, you also have to wear something suitable for a strut down the red carpet. You don’t have to spring for the iconic and “out there” swan dress worn by Icelandic singer Bjork at the Academy Awards, but you definitely want to invest in something that is well made and highly flattering.

A wonderful source for dresses that will make you feel like you are starring on the silver screen is New York Dress, whose line of Red Carpet Dresses includes the stunning Terani gown for $605. The gorgeous and highly stylish dress features a long and flowing skirt with a back drape and plenty of embroidered embellishments, as well as an uber-trendy boat neckline.


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