Keeping Your Cool – 5 Home Upgrades That Will Help Cut AC Costs This Summer

Keeping Your Cool - 5 Home Upgrades That Will Help Cut AC Costs This Summer

Summer is a time for getting outdoors, spending time with the family, going on vacation, and otherwise enjoying yourself. But it’s hard to feel relaxed if your home is hotter than an oven.

Is staying cool really worth spending all that money on AC, though?

We’ve put together a list of home upgrades that’ll help you stay cool and save money on AC cost this year. So let’s get started!

1. Upgrade Your Windows

If your home has old, single-pane windows, about 25 to 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy will escape through the glass. That means you’re running your AC for longer periods of time and spending more money doing it.

It might be time for an upgrade.

Double-pane windows provide more insulation for your home and are much more energy-efficient than single-pane windows. While the upgrade will be an investment up front, it will save you a lot of money in the long runβ€”on more than just AC costs.

2. Change Your HVAC Filter

Over time, your AC filter can get clogged with dust, pet hair, allergies, and other debris. This makes it harder for your HVAC system to push air through the unit, which means the system has to use more energy to keep running. Because of this, your energy bill will also go up.

Replace your HVAC filter just before the beginning of summer to lower your AC costs. After this, make sure you keep changing out the filter every three to four months.

3. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help circulate the conditioned air your HVAC system produces. As the fans push the cool air down, it also creates a breeze, which can make the air feel even colder. This means you can lower your thermostat.

A lower thermostat requires less work from your HVAC system, which will keep the price down.

4. Tint Your Windows

Window tinting bounces the sun’s UV rays away from your home. This also keeps the heat out as well, meaning you can turn down the thermostat.

One of the best benefits of home window tinting is that you get sunlight without the heat. In other words, you won’t have to leave your blinds closed all day to keep the house as cool as possible. Instead, you can enjoy the beautiful summer views without dealing with a sweltering, stuffy house.

5. Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat in your home is one of the best ways to cut down on AC costs this summer.

With this type of thermostat, you can program the AC to turn down when you are away from the home, such as while you’re at work. When you get home, the AC will turn back up, so you don’t have to step into a disgustingly hot house. This way, you don’t have to spend money on air conditioning you aren’t actually using.

How to Cut your AC Cost This Summer

These home upgrades are investments, but they will help you cut your AC cost for years to come. The money you’ll save in the long run is worth what you’ll spend on a programmable thermostat or a ceiling fan. So make sure you follow these tips and get your home ready for summer now.

Now that your house is cool, want to learn some other fun summer activities?

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