Introducing the World to Shelter Island Estate on Montana’s Flathead Lake

When our team set out to showcase Shelter Island Estate, we envisioned a unique presentation that would properly compliment the magnificence of this extraordinary private luxury residence. We felt that a private island property of this stature deserved an immersive video presentation that would truly convey the pristine grandeur of the estate to a worldwide audience.

With this new series on The Pinnacle List, we tasked the debut episode to showcase an exclusive private estate that truly defines what could be an ultimate luxury property. At Shelter Island Estate, we discovered a landmark private residence masterfully created to achieve an unwavering vision, with a peak of perfection, resulting in a level of exclusivity seldom realized.

With a runtime of just over 10 minutes, the debut episode of Worldwide Luxury Properties is hosted by Marcus Anthony and Andrea Jauck. The video takes you on an incredible journey inside a privileged realm of elite luxury; authentically showcasing the grand lakefront luxury lifestyle and epic exclusivity of the awe-inspiring Shelter Island Estate.

Transcendentally serene and reverently peaceful, Shelter Island Estate is a glorious natural private island luxury retreat.

Shelter Island Estate is the quintessential expression of distinct exclusivity and affluence at the highest level, evoking a realization of luxury beyond ordinary aspirations. This landmark private island estate is equalled only in grandeur by the natural beauty of its surrounding location.



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