Interior Design Tips – Considerations in Buying New Tiles for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Interior Design Tips - Considerations in Buying New Tiles for Your Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash is an area used to cover or decorate a space of the kitchen. You can find this area on the wall between the kitchen’s countertop and upper cabinets.

Furthermore, many homeowners like to express their creative ideas by using the right tiles for their kitchen backsplashes.

Take note of these things as you buy new tiles for your backsplash:

1. Find Inspiration

Various home remodeling projects are investments. Specific areas around the house may need a significant amount of cash to complete. With that in mind, consider searching for inspiration on various media.

Read magazines, join social media groups, or search online for sample kitchen backsplash designs. Try to imagine if you incorporate a specific backsplash style to your kitchen. For example, you might have large tiles on your kitchen walls. You might balance the design with crackle glass tile backsplash.

Complement the sample designs with the current tiles in your kitchen. Opt for the appearance that can excite you about the upcoming remodeling project. Make sure that the idea makes you eager as it comes to reality to avoid any regrets. If you want something new, simple but attractive, check out Kit Kat Tiles.

2. Acquire Measurements

Many kitchen tile suppliers sell tiles per piece. So, the retailer might ask you for the measurements of your kitchen backsplash. Picking the number of tiles at random may be a recipe for disaster. Giving a rough estimate for the sizes might not also be a good idea.

Before you travel to the tile store, it might be best to measure your current backsplash first. Conversely, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, measure the size of the new area of your backsplash. Kitchen remodeling projects may need you to do more than change the positions of appliances. The operation might require you to shorten or lengthen the backsplash based on your preferences.

Also, securing the measurements for your backsplash may keep you from under or overspending. Buying extra tiles, you might not need may make you spend more money than needed. Otherwise, buying fewer tiles for the backsplash might give the area a bald spot.

3. Choose the Right Material

You might consider using ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Several homeowners like to use this material for their kitchen walls because it’s easy-to-clean, requires low maintenance, and is repairable. Still, you might opt for other tile materials other than ceramic.

Here are a few examples of tile materials you can use for your backsplash other than ceramic:

  • Natural Stone
    This tile material may offer a smooth and contemporary feel for kitchen walls. It may also have a similar sheen to a polished tile. Suppliers might provide you with natural stone tiles made from marble, limestone, slate, or travertine.
  • Porcelain
    Porcelain tiles might be more resistant to wear, tear, and heat than standard ceramic tiles. It may also be moisture resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes. Tiles made from this material may be an ideal option for household members who like to cook a lot of food.
  • Glass
    You may also opt for glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Specific glass tile designs may provide your kitchen with a beautiful appearance. This material may also be excellent for brightening dark spaces.

Like other tiles, glass may also be easy-to-clean and maintain. It might also be a great choice for homeowners looking for an environment-friendly solution for their new backsplashes.

4. Blend Decorative Effects

Aside from creating a complete overhaul of your kitchen backsplash, you might want to replace a few tiles instead. Small tweaks on your backsplash can create significant differences.

For instance, replace a few bright tiles in the area with contrasting dark colors. Dark grout or tiles will help make this area stand out. This idea might be a good idea if you don’t have a centerpiece in your kitchen.

Conversely, you may consider replacing a few square tiles with hexagon units. Specific tile suppliers may have hexagon tiles in stock. This contrast in shapes may help draw in the eyes of guests and household members to your backsplash.

Another example is creating a grid design for your kitchen backsplash. Grids may make for an excellent choice to complement a minimalist and modern kitchen.


Take time to choose the right tiles when you’re planning for your kitchen makeover. Fit your backsplash with proper tiles to help bring out a functional and fashionable kitchen. This area of your home may even be the highlight of the dwelling with the right design.

Consider these helpful tips when you’re shopping for new tiles for your backsplash.


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