Interior Design – Luxurious Bathroom Updates To Consider

Interior Design - Luxurious Bathroom Updates To Consider

Together with kitchens, bathrooms are the biggest selling points of homes. Updating a bathroom before selling a house can majorly increase the value of a home, with owners recouping as much as 64% of their investment, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you’re planning to sell your home, here are bathroom designs and ideas that you might want to consider when updating or renovating.

Marble Floors and Sinks

Marble may be expensive, but it exudes luxury and opulence. It is simple to clean and maintain since it absorbs water easily. Marble is versatile you can renovate an entire bathroom using the material for walls, floors, and the wash area. If you can’t afford the price tag of solid slabs, there are many ways to incorporate the material in your bathroom to give it a deluxe feel. Create amazing patterns with different sizes and shapes of marble for a personalized statement. Incorporate other natural materials such as wood in designing an intriguing pattern. You can also just tile half your wall with marble leaving plenty of room for cabinetry and shelves for storage.

Art Deco Tiles and Slate Tiles

Another natural material that will give your bathroom an instant lift is slate. They are elegant, durable, and resistant to cracks and scratches. Choose from a range of solid colors and combine hues to make an attractive pattern. If you’re feeling extra creative, go for art deco tiles. Experiment with different shapes and patterns for an effect that is sure to wow. For example,  use mosaics for the floor or herringbone for walls. A honeycomb effect using hexagon tiles looks stunning as bold fish scale patterns on the floor.

Smart Bathroom

Technology has also made bathrooms smarter. From dual-flush action toilets to heated seats to glowing toilets, unbelievable luxuries are now available to make bathroom time more comfortable, easier, and cleaner. The integrated bidet offers an effortless cleaning experience that will make you feel satisfied and hygienic after using the toilet thanks to a remote touch operation allowing you to open or close covers and seats as well as activate a calming water spray.

Some models even offer opportunities to interact with the product using voice control enabling you to personalize your bathroom experience. Activate your super toilet’s Bluetooth speakers to play a music list that you created from your smart devices. Automatic deodorizer meanwhile saves you the hassle of spraying the area every time you use it. To top it all, you can even get your hands on a toilet that is self-cleaning eliminating much of the work.

Updates to your bathroom will set you back money especially if you are aiming for a luxurious outcome. The good news is you are likely to regain your investments when it is time to part ways with your property. From marble floors and tiles to intelligent toilets and touchless faucets, luxurious bathrooms enhance personal experiences making renovations worthy investments.


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