Interesting Ideas For How You Can Place Rugs

Interesting Ideas For How You Can Place Rugs

The Importance of Rugs

Imagine picking the perfect outfit for that night out and then deciding to go barefoot for the event. Doesn’t make sense, right? It’s the same with rugs. You could have the best home decor. But, if you don’t have a quality rug to go with everything else in the house; it may seem like it’s lacking something.

A rug gives that finishing touch; much the same way a frame does to an art piece. Without the former, the latter will look unfinished. That’s how important rugs are. They help to harmonize everything by creating a connection between different areas. Based on the design and the texture, a rug can look like a bold statement piece in the house.

Reasons to Have Rugs for Your Home Decor

Create a visual pathway: By placing the rug in the hallway you can create a visual pathway. Hallways are normally a dead, lonely, and unwelcoming space. A rug can make this space more homey and welcoming.

Connects space: Placing similarly styled rugs in different spaces can unify the entire living space. It adds a visual connection and it appears as though rooms are parlaying nicely from one space to another.

Sound absorption: If you have tiled/hardwood floors, you can always do with the sound-absorbing quality of rugs. It’s perfect for apartments and flats where privacy and quiet are always welcomed.

Artwork: No matter where you place them (beds, chairs, floors, wall, bathroom) rugs act as a huge decorative statement. You can even use large overdyed rugs as statement pieces.

Adds character and personality: You can reflect all kinds of personality through the decor; mainly rugs. If you are a fun person you can go with bold eclectic designs. Rugs with greys and whites are better suited for a more traditional look. The possibilities are endless. 

Ways to Use/Place Rugs

As a Bedspread

Ideally, go with a bold design or something flat-woven. Both are perfect for a bed covering. All you have to do is place the rug on the bed. And, when you want to go to sleep, just roll it down. You can use it both down the length as well as across the bed width. This is perfect for you if you prefer a minimalistic design.

Sometimes, minimalists like to have a clutter-free look in the room; including their bed. However, having no comforter or duvet is not a great option either. A nice middle ground is to use a rug as a bedspread. It’s perfect for summertime when a traditional covering is not needed.

As a Drape for Your Sofa/Loveseat

It’s completely normal to feel bored with your home decor after a year or two. That’s when you start craving changes. You want to add new touches or change the layout. However, feeling bored doesn’t mean you should completely alter or redefine the space. Sometimes, making the littlest changes can do the trick. 

Draping your sofa or loveseat in a textile cover or a rug will do just that. It will add a brand new visual touch to the room. By adding newer patterns and colors, a rug can completely change the whole decor. But, this trick works best with flat-woven rugs.

Place the cover on the back of the sofa/chair while leaving some part of it hanging. It’s the perfect way to turn a regular/bland soft chair into an eclectic, artsy focal point. The trick is also practical as it will protect your furniture too.

For Living Room

This is perhaps the most sensible place for a wonderfully plush, glamourous, and luxe sheepskin rug. Although it’s good for any place, the dining area can do particularly well with its luxe style. All you have to do is casually place the drapes over the chair arms to create that bohemian-chic look.

During meal times, they will add a ton of coziness and comforting texture. On top of that, layered sheepskins helps to unify mismatched dining chairs such as bamboo, plastic, and metal chairs.

For Layering Purposes 

Layering requires a little creativity and imagination. But, if done right – it could do wonders for breaking down a complex and large design pattern. To do that, you can either place one small rug on top of another one. Or you can place a rug over regular carpeting. 

Layering is perfect when you’re aiming for a unique look rather than just a plain, boring traditional one. The approach also works beautifully when you wish to subdivide a huge area.

For instance, if you already have a substantial amount of carpeting, then placing a rug under the dining area and another under a coffee table can create visually defined spaces. This trick works best when you put a patterned rug on top of a more toned-down, subtle piece. 

For Outdoors

You don’t have to use rugs indoors exclusively. You can also bring one outside; if you have a sunroom. It will add that touch of design and comfort to create a more cozy sitting area. You can use it for the sunroom just like you would in any other indoor room.

The concept of outdoor rugs works best if you pick a natural fiber. Jute, sisal, or other materials don’t do well with harsh weather elements. You can’t just leave them outside forever. That’s why natural fibers make sense as they don’t get damaged due to dirt, rain, or sunlight.

For Hanging on the Wall

Ever since rugs came into existence; people have been using them for wall decorations. However, it’s mostly antique, Oriental, or Persian rug designs that work best for wall hangings. Also, early carpet design and rugs that are more expensive are better suited for walls rather than for floor coverings.

But, don’t worry. There’s no need to spend a fortune on them. As long as you can pick a vibrant, rich, colorful hue – you’re good to go. Try picking a rug that has clear, defined borders; something resembling a photo frame.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’re feeling inspired to go out and buy a quality rug. But, do think about your personal style, home decor, and space before investing in them.


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