How To Wear A Hat With Élan And Look Great

How To Wear A Hat With Élan And Look Great

In the 19th century and earlier, hats were very much in fashion. In the later years, their popularity dipped considerably, however, it is heartening to see that the culture of wearing hats is witnessing a bit of a comeback. If you are thinking of wearing a hat but are afraid you will look gawky, you need to know how to wear your hat with confidence and style. Some tips to wear classically styled hats with confidence:

Choose a Hat Style That Complements the Shape of Your Face 

As everyone realizes, hats come in many different styles, but it is not necessary, you will look good in all of them. The best way to find a style that you look good in is to try out various hats to discover which style looks the best on you. Because a hat is close to your face, it is important that it goes well with the shape of your face. Additionally, you must make sure that the hat fits your head well because an oversize hat will sit too low and obscure part of your face. Getting the size right is all the more important for stiffer hats like a bowler, straw boaters, homburg, etc., since they do not stretch and conform to the shape of your head.

You must keep in mind that you can alter the impact of the hat on the shape of your fact by accessorizing it. Depending on your preferences, you can use feathers, hatbands, or even scarves, bandanas, leather belts, or whatever it is that strikes your fancy. If you don’t want to overdo it, you can add a black hat band to a grey or brown hat to make an understated fashion statement.

Get a Hat That Complements Your Skin Tone

After identifying a hat style that you look good in, the next important aspect you need to consider is the color. Even though you will get a variety of colors to choose from all the leading hat retailers, you must know that not all of them will look good on you. You should choose a color that harmonizes well with the tone of your skin. Given that the hat will invariably draw attention to your face, getting the color right is something you cannot ignore. Typically, men with light skin tend to look good in colors like dark to medium brown, charcoal, and medium gray, navy blue, etc. If you don’t mind being a little adventurous, you can consider dark green or even burgundy to add some pizzazz to your style. In case you have a warmer complexion, you are likely to benefit if you wear colors that are a little darker or brighter, like light gray or even mustard brown. People with dark skins are the luckiest because they can wear just about any color they choose to. However, it is always better if they keep some contrast with their skin color. You need to wear blacks sparingly as it tends to wash out most skin tones and does not go well with many outfits. You can reserve a black hat for formal dress codes.

Harmonize the Color of the Hat with Your Outfit

Even after considering your skin tone for choosing the color of your hat, you should keep in mind the color of the outfit you intend to wear because unless the color of the hat goes well with that of your clothes, you are not going to look your best. For example, if your apparel is colored brown, you will do well to wear a hat in a shade of brown and avoid blue or black, unless you are adventurous. If you are wearing gray or black clothes, you will not go wrong with a gray hat. The secret is to have hats of different colors, so you can match them to the clothes in your wardrobe. For obvious reasons, the two colors of hats you must possess are gray and brown. When wearing a hat in winter, you should be conscious of how well your hat goes with your outerwear and also your accessories like gloves and scarves. According to Vogue, if you already possess a black Fedora, you should think of adding a grown or gray one to your collection. When the weather is warm, you can be less formal and worry less about pairing your hat perfectly with your attire except for the straw boater, which is perhaps among the more formal summer hat styles.


If you are wearing hats for the first time, it is better to stick to a simple yet stylish look using neutral but staple colors that do not leave you feeling conscious about wearing a hat. While you need to take care that you wear a hat that becomes you, you should never allow it to dominate you.


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