How To Stage Your Flip Home To Increase Property Value + Sell Fast

How To Stage Your Flip Home To Increase Property Value + Sell Fast

You’ve spent countless hours investing time and money into your property through contracting fees, inspections, upgrades, and more. Your fixer-upper is finally ready to sell. What now?

Whether it’s a family home that you flipped over the course of several years or the latest of many in your fix and flip business, the sale is the exciting culmination of all your hard work and effort! But before you pop the champagne and savor that long-awaited moment, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. According to the National Association of Realtors, staging your home can positively affect potential buyers’ view of the property and possibly even help you sell your house faster!

When you take the time to stage the home, it makes it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in your space. This allows you to find the best potential buyer and possibly even increase your home’s value. Let’s explore some ideas to stage your fix and flip home to increase its value and help you sell fast!

Keep It Neutral

When staging a home you want to keep the decor as simple as possible. While you may love a certain style for your own home, try to focus on neutral furniture, paint, and decor when staging your flipped home. 

You want potential buyers to be able to envision their own stuff in the space, and keeping it simple will allow them to easily picture themselves living there (and, in turn, help you sell faster). So while you may love leopard print, perhaps save it for your own home and go for a tan or grey sofa instead!

Consider Your Budget

When staging your fixer-upper, it’s important to always keep your budget in consideration. You’ve made it to the finish line, in terms of your flipping journey, so don’t make a mistake and spend too much money now! Choosing paint color, simple furniture, and neutral decor should be a relatively painless and fun process, so don’t be tempted to go overboard and break the bank. If you’re running low on funds, consider consulting with a lender, and don’t forget you can always apply for a fix and flip loan at any point in the process. 

Staging only a few key rooms can help you stay under budget. As potential buyers are usually most interested in the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room, stick with those areas and branch out only if you have extra funds.

Don’t Forget The Outside

The outside is a potential buyer’s first impression of the property and has the power to make or break your sale. An unkempt yard, bare porch, or otherwise unsightly outward appearance can dissuade buyers and cancel out any staging efforts you have made on the inside of the house. 

Make sure the greenery is appealing. Always keep the lawn mowed, and consider adding potted plants or hanging baskets to make the front porch beautiful. Create an inviting entrance by painting the front door a bright color and adding a cute welcome mat. 

Light It Up

Make sure all the best features of your staged home are seen in their best light… literally! Open up the curtains, clean the windows and skylights, and add floor lamps to further illuminate the space. Experts in home staging suggest you should turn all the lights on prior to the buyers’ arrival, regardless of the time of day. The last thing you want is to lose out on a sale because of a lack of proper lighting. 

Add The Finishing Touch

Add the finishing touch and entice potential buyers by thoughtfully accessorizing your staged home. While it’s important to keep the decor neutral and not go overboard as we discussed earlier, a little can go a long way in terms of accessorizing the space. 

Consider adding a vase of fresh flowers to the kitchen countertops, some books to the study, or a textured rug to the living room. A few tasteful accents can add ambiance and further help potential buyers envision themselves in the space and get ready to reach for their pocketbooks.

You have made it to the finish line of flipping and selling your home or investment property. You won’t regret making the most out of your sale by taking the time to thoughtfully stage your fixer-upper!


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