How to Protect Yourself from Storms and Tornados

How to Protect Yourself from Storms and Tornados

Sometimes the weather gives people unpleasant surprises in the form of thunderstorms, strong winds or hurricanes. To feel safe, it is better not to ignore the warnings of the rescue services and meet the disaster prepared. In this article, we talk about how to protect yourself and your car in case of a natural disaster.


If a hurricane has started at the moment when a person is in a building – for example, at work – the first thing to do is to move away from the windows and choose a safe place in the partition, corridor, bathroom, toilet, storeroom or under the table. The doorway and built-in closet are also a safe place in case of danger. The main thing is to stay away from windows, mirrors and bookshelves, which may break or fall down at the most inappropriate moment.

Before hiding, you should turn off the electrical power and shut off the gas valve.

You should also tightly close and curtain all windows and vents. So that you do not have to then collect fragments of vases and pots with flowers, they are also better removed from the windowsills. Finally, the best option is to order a quality roof for your own home, so that you will not be scared. Tornado Roofing will be a great solution.

At night you can use wax candles and battery-powered lanterns as a light source. If your phone with internet access is low, you can use a radio receiver to get important information.

A storm is often accompanied by lightning storms. From lightning, the interior rooms and corridors of any building will serve as a good shelter. However, you should remember that the elevator in this case is an exception, and you can not stay in it. If lightning strikes off the whole building, all who will be in the elevator at that time, will be trapped.


If the beginning of the storm caught you on the street, you should try to find shelter as soon as possible. The underpass, underground passage, basement, and foundation pit of the building under construction can save you from natural disasters.

In case you still find yourself in the open, look for a railway embankment, beam, gully or ditch. Any ditch on the road, where you can lie face down, is suitable.

During the search for a shelter it is better to stay away from billboards, fallen or damaged trees and power lines.

If possible, during a thunderstorm you should avoid contact with water, as it is an excellent conductor of current. You should also avoid talking on the phone during this time. It is better to wait and tell your relatives later that you are all right. It is desirable to get rid of any metal objects – trinkets, chains, watches and even the open umbrella. They can become a target for lightning strikes.

Car Safety

In a city where cars do not stand in a garage, but in the open, it is often the cars that take on the blows of a hurricane. To protect the car, it is impossible to park it near tall trees in the first place. As a rule, they are the ones that cannot withstand the onslaught of strong winds and fall. Even if the tree withstands, large branches can break, which can also damage the car. In addition to trees, billboards, poles and lanterns may fall on the car. Therefore, you should not leave the car under them either.

A kind of “shield” for transport may be a multi-storey building. However, if a natural disaster will rip off a piece of roof and “land” it directly on the car, only the garage can save it.


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