How to Make the Most of Your Garage Renovation

How to Make the Most of Your Garage Renovation

Renovating your garage to make it functional or efficient is a big undertaking–especially if it’s a DIY project. A little bit of inspiration can help you discover the best way to remodel, futureproof, and secure your garage. Check out these practical garage renovation ideas for inspiration on how to make the most out of your garage space.

Install Insulation and Ventilation Systems

For your garage remodeling, consider proper insulation as this will prevent or significantly reduce heat loss from the house. A garage ventilation system will reduce your energy bills, make your home more energy-efficient, and make your garage more habitable–if you are thinking of making room for work or living space.  

Exhaust fumes, paint smell, and other toxins that might accumulate in your garage are a health hazard. With this in mind, prioritize installing a proper garage ventilation system as it will help dissipate toxins from you garage. The ventilation system will make your garage a comfortable place to work on different projects or spend time. Insulating and ventilating your garage should, therefore, be a priority.

Create More Storage Space

Increasing your storage space allows you to be more organized. You can creatively maximize your garage space to help you conveniently store seasonal items, supplies, gear, equipment, and hardware. A garage storage system will also allow you to locate whatever you need in the shortest time while also preventing important things from cluttering all over the house.

One innovative solution to consider is a garage platform lift. These advanced systems can significantly enhance the usability of your overhead space, providing a safe and convenient way to store and retrieve heavy items that would be difficult to lift manually.

There are different storage options that you can opt for during garage remodeling or renovation. Standard offerings like cabinets, shelf units, or bins can help you store the things you don’t frequently use in an organized way.

Upgrade Security Tech and Entry System

Does your garage have a modern security system? If your answer is no, prioritize installing a modern home security system to secure your garage. Thanks to increased innovation in the technology scene, you can find easy-to-install home security systems that can connect to smartphones to allow you to remotely monitor or control who can access the garage. 

Upgrading your existing garage door with an insulated door or entry system will help your house become more energy efficient. The upgraded entry system or garage door can be integrated to the home security system’s cameras and keypad to enhance security.

Convert the Garage into an Office or Workshop

Your garage can make an ideal workshop if you are into crafts like pottery, painting, and metal work. If you are considering a garage remodel to make space for a workshop, installing storage units for your equipment or tools of trade will be a necessity. Shelves and built in walls will help you stay organized as you bring your pieces to life from you recently remodeled garage space. 

Having a dedicated room will help you stay productive as you work from home. Convert your garage into your home office to find that ideal spot to enjoy all the benefits of working from home.

Make Your Garage Smart

Smart homes are the new craze in the property market. Home owners and property developers are using the latest tech to automate their living spaces, make them energy efficient, or reduce water and power bills. 

You can make your garage smart by installing tech that allows you to monitor or control access, automate lighting, track garage temperature, and know the weather forecast before leaving the garage with the help of professionals.

Smart tech is now more affordable than ever thanks to the pace of technological advancement. You can find different easy-to-install smart tech devices that can connect to you phone to facilitate remote monitoring of your garage.

Add Windows to Your Garage

Consider adding windows to your garage if you will be using the space as a home office or a workshop. Windows let in natural light which can be used during the day instead of electricity. Natural light is also easy on the eye and it will allow you to finish up your projects without relying on electricity. Your region of residence will determine the type of window that you should fit into your garage. Vinyl windows are preferred by most homeowners because they are insulated along the frames.

Note that windows with two or three panes have a layer of argon gas which prevents both heated and cooled air from dissipating.

Create a Ceiling Storage in Your Garage

You can add more storage space in your garage by creating a ceiling. Doing this will free up floor space which will come in handy when you want to change the garage layout, add a living space, and create a workshop or office space.  A garage ceiling storage will allow you to safely and securely store seasonal gear and stuff that can’t fit in the attic while maintaining a level of organization.

In addition to freeing up your floor space, adding a ceiling garage also doubles your home’s storage space. The ceiling garage will, therefore, allow you to store all your valuables that haven’t been used in years.


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