Luxury Home Security – Latest Top Of The Line Property Security System Must Haves

Luxury Home Security - Latest Top Of The Line Property Security System Must Haves

With a higher value home comes greater security needs. Top-of-the-line security systems give luxury homeowners better protection against both invasion and environmental damage like flooding and fire. While you might expect this to be important if you need a security system somewhere prone to flooding, like Dallas, the truth is that floods or fires can hit nearly anywhere at any time, so you need to protect your high-value property.

The best equipment should also be the easiest to use, and it should provide super luxe homes with more aesthetic value. In this article, we’ll look at the equipment that does it all. 

Here are five features you should look for in a high-end home security system:

1. 4K Color Night Vision

Burglars take advantage of the dark when no one’s home at night, believing video surveillance can’t detect them. If you’re going to have a surveillance system, color night vision is a must, because it adds another layer of security coverage for intrusions and theft. Color night vision helps police identify criminals with details like someone’s hair color and vehicle color.

2. Smart Home Integration

Integrating your security camera system with smart home technology can keep high-end homeowners safer by providing better control over the security system and the home. For example, with smart locks on all your doors, you can ensure all the doors are locked in an instant without having to walk the entire house checking each door.

With a remote view of your video surveillance on your mobile device, you can see who’s at your front door and choose whether or not to unlock it for them. If you have housekeeping or other staff coming into your home while you’re away, you can be notified of their arrival when your security camera system detects motion or heat at your front doorstep. The system can send a shot of the person to your phone so that no matter where you are, you can verify their identity before unlocking the door. If you’ve hired a new staff member to work in your home and haven’t built trust with them, you don’t have to worry about giving a house key to someone you don’t know.

3. 4K Digital Zoom

Security camera systems with 4K digital zoom capabilities provide more coverage for larger homes, allowing you to remotely customize the camera’s view by zooming into an area without losing video quality. A digital zoom lens is a must for picking up on details you would otherwise miss in a large area like the living room or backyard of a mansion or large home.

4. 8-megapixel Image Sensors

Cameras with 8-megapixel image sensors provide the best security coverage, with 1080p resolution for ultra-high definition. This sharpness gives you the level of detail you need in digital zooms while reviewing footage. Because there are more pixels, objects, faces, and license plates in the distance stay decipherable when you zoom in.

5. Next-Generation Security

When you have a luxury home with a family and valuables to protect, you need the best 4k security camera system available to ensure it’s on par with the value of your home and its size. With cutting-edge technology, affluent homeowners can have more security coverage and use their home security system more conveniently.


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