How To Make Kids Decorate Their Own Room

How To Make Kids Decorate Their Own Room

Getting your child to decorate their own room may seem a bit ambitious considering they are only a child. Instead, why not work with them so that they feel like they have an input and feel like they have had a say, even though you may be leading the designs yourself. By getting your children involved, not only will it help them learn about interiors, but you can also teach them about prices and budgeting. Below we look into four ways you get help to get your children involved with decorating their own room.

Choosing Paints 

Using paint instead of wallpaper is often a preferred method in children’s rooms. Often children will damage the walls when playing, leaving marks. By using a paint you can simply paint over the marks, making it look good as new. Plus, paint tends to be more cost-effective than wallpaper. When choosing with your children, try and suggest you go for neutral paint or pastel colours. This way the room looks bright, welcoming but you can still make the room feel like a kids room. If your children like drawing, you could suggest they use a 3D pen to design the room on paper, giving you inspiration when deciding on the colours to choose. 

Move the furniture 

Part of the process of decorating is deciding on where the furniture goes. By moving the furniture around you can quickly make the room feel a lot different than it did before. This is not only cost-effective but can also be done fairly quickly. With your children, why not spend the day rearranging the furniture. You can move around the bed, any side draws or sofa into different positions to see where they fit best. This could open up the room and give your children more space to play in, plus they may enjoy it more knowing they had input. 

Display your child’s pictures and artworks on the wall

Having just paint on the wall can sometimes feel a little boring, so instead, why not have some pictures of your children on it or their artwork. Having pictures or artwork on the wall can add some character to your children’s room, make it look bigger and add some colour. You can sit with your children and choose the frames together and decide on the artwork or pictures that will be within them. 

Focus on play

In order for your children to like spending time in their own room, you want to have a space where they can play and enjoy it. When decorating, try to incorporate things that they love into the design. If they enjoy drawing why not add a chalkboard, or if they enjoy the swings, an indoor swing set or a ball pit – the possibilities are endless! By getting your children involved they will enjoy the process of picking the items, can learn about the costs of the item and will be more likely to use them as they chose them. What tips do you have for getting your children to decorate their own room? Have you tried any of the tips above? Would you like to add anything to our tips? Let us know in the comment box below.


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