How to Make Candle Wicks

How to Make Candle Wicks

Are you candle obsessed?

Over $3 billion in yearly sales prove you’re not the only one. Candles are the perfect side hustle, holiday gift, or a simple way to relax.

Whether you’re an aspiring candlemaker or a self-care junkie, you can learn candlemaking right at home. All you need is soy wax, essential oil blends, candle molds (or glass jars), bowls, saucepans, and a stovetop. Ideally, you should make your candles in the kitchen, but a portable stovetop also works for studios and kitchenettes.

Don’t forget the wicks! You can either use store-bought wicks or make your own DIY candle wick at home.

Since you’re already making your own candles, DIY wicks will be a cinch. Start with this quick and easy guide to candle wicks!

What Are Candle Wicks?

What are wicks, anyway?

Wicks are braided coated cotton strings; however, wicks can be made from old t-shirt scraps and other reusable fabrics.

Think of a candle wick as a tiny fuel pump. Once you light the wick, the candle wax melts. The wick draws the melted wax up to fuel the flame.

However, if too much liquid wax pools around the wick, the flame will burn out. You need the right wick length and enough room around the wick to avoid flooding out the flame.

It may take a little time to find the right wick for your candle wax and design. Let’s take a closer look at the different candlewick types.

Different Types of Candle Wicks

Remember that braided wicks last longer than twisted wicks.

Mount your cotton strings on a board and braid your wick like a friendship bracelet. Keep pulling and tightening the braid as you go. You can also save time by buying pre-braided cotton string.

The most common wick style is the flat wick. Flat wicks are tightly braided from three cotton strings. They also curl and break off while lit, also known as “self-trimming.”

Square wicks also break away like flat wicks, except these wicks are thicker than regular flat wicks. Candlemakers prefer this type of candle for beeswax candles. Soy wax clogs less than beeswax.

If you’re making votive or devotional candles, try a cored wick instead. These wicks contain cotton and metals like tin or zinc. They’re made to stay upright; however, they’re harder to create at home.

If you’re making nautical home decor candles, stick with something simple. Try soy wax, glass jars, and simple flat wicks.

Making Your Own DIY Candle Wick

All you need for your DIY wick is quality cotton string, scissors, candle wax, and tweezers. You can also substitute pliers for tweezers.

First, cut your string. You need a quarter-inch of string for your flame, so measure accordingly.

Next, melt your wax, and soak your string into the melted wax. Let your wicks cool on the counter or drying rack. Once dried, you’ll have your own candlewick!

Burn Bright!

You’re just one step away from ultimate relaxation. Light your candle now to enjoy your favorite scents and mood lighting.

Are you looking for more ways to relax at home? Follow our blog for the latest home tips and hacks.


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