How to Involve Your Spouse in Housekeeping

How to Involve Your Spouse in Housekeeping

Some of the most common strifes in the majority of households are over household chores and who should do what and how often. While women understandably gripe about having to take care of housework all on their own, some men tend to feel emasculated about having to help out with housekeeping. The truth is that things don’t have to escalate into an argument and there is a way to find a compromise that takes everyone’s feelings into account.

Maybe the best and definitely easiest way to solve this issue is to hire reliable professionals who can keep your home spick-and-span on a regular basis. Today’s post outlines ways to encourage your spouse to do their fair share of housework and take the burden off your shoulders until you find detail-oriented cleaning experts you can trust.

How do I balance my housework with my partner?

While this may sound like wishful thinking due to lingering ill feelings that have been building up with every previous argument, it’s actually very doable. With open lines of communication, a positive mindset, and fair distribution of chores, grown-ups can leave their bickering behind and find a middle ground. 

Here are 5 steps you can try implementing to involve your partner in your housekeeping chores:

Communication is key

To some, this may sound like a cliche, but it is a crucial step that is a prerequisite for any agreement between you and your spouse. Whether you need to communicate the importance of regular house cleaning or how much time and energy you invest in sprucing up the place, try to get your point across and don’t hold back. If this is a contested topic due to disagreements in the past, make sure to not sound condescending or bitter. Try to calmly make the case that relationships are about sharing, helping out your partner, overcoming disagreements, and housekeeping is no different in this respect.

Make a checklist & timetable 

Sometimes, people avoid housekeeping for fear of failure or the unknown. How many times have we heard that women are better at housework while men are better at car repairs? While in stubborn cases, combating such clichés can take time, you’d be surprised how a clear-cut and thorough cleaning checklist can help remove anxiety about housekeeping and provide clarity. With a detailed checklist, even a first-time cleaner can easily divide their work into manageable chunks and complete the process step by step at their own pace.

Avoid micromanaging

Don’t expect or demand perfection from the get-go or you may intimidate or alienate your helper. If you sound too bossy or start nagging for every detail, you may lose your chance to make house cleaning a team thing. Show some trust in your partner, provide instruction where needed but do it in an instructive way, and slowly raise the standards with every successive cleaning session. It’s a good idea to work together for the first couple of times so your spouse can pick up some of your moves before you start delegating responsibilities in the future.    

Bring the fun into cleaning

While house cleaning can hardly be described as a fun activity, it certainly doesn’t have to turn into an ordeal. Finding ways to make house chores less of a burden and more enjoyable family activity will go a long way in overcoming the stigma associated with housework. You can play some music, put on a podcast, or just talk with your partner to help time pass quickly. Another way to make cleaning more fun is to establish a nice tradition and go out for dinner every time you clean up the home together. With these few tricks, you’ll not only make cleaning more fun but also spend more time bonding with your loved one.   

Implement technology

Investing in high-tech cleaning gear may be a quick and easy way to arouse the interest of your partner in house cleaning. From cutting-edge vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and high-powered pressure washers to simpler tools like a high-quality spin mop with a bucket or a drill brush extension, buying a piece of modern equipment will not only simplify and speed up the house cleaning process but also make it more efficient and enjoyable.

If all of these tricks fail to pique the interest of your loved one and you haven’t made much progress, you’ll have to find a dependable team of specialist cleaners and outsource the housework to a professional pair of hands. This way, you’ll maintain peace at home while enjoying a clean, healthy, and fresh living environment.


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