How to Generate Home Seller Real Estate Leads

How to Generate Home Seller Real Estate Leads

The real estate business always keeps evolving by embracing new strategies, technological advancements, and market functionality. Similar to any other business enterprise, it is crucial that you keep pace with these changes and adapt your strategies accordingly. In order to be successful, you need to keep improving your tactics to generate real estate seller leads. When you are focused on improving your knowledge, you will definitely have successful growth in the real estate industry. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can generate home seller leads. Please enjoy this article, and we hope it takes your mind to the next level of real estate seller lead generation.

1. The Home Seller Leads Must Come From Trusted Sources

There are many ways through which you can gain home seller leads, but not every way would provide you with high-quality real estate seller leads. Sometimes it might happen that you are having hundreds of leads, but none of them are useful to you. Getting leads from untrusted or unverified sources would merely be a waste of time and nothing else. So, whenever you are focusing on generating high-quality home seller leads, do ensure that they are coming from the right place. You must cross-verify and double-check all the essential information before you take a particular lead up. You can always use government records and reliable real estate listing websites for this purpose. In this manner, you can ensure that the real estate seller leads you are getting are of high quality. You need to keep this in mind if you are looking forward to improving your business and take it to the next level.

2. Focus On Building A Strong Network

Being in the real estate industry, you must strike up and maintain good relationships with local business owners, attorneys, mortgage lenders, and other real estate agents. When you are in constant touch with these people, you would be able to get information about home sellers in the fastest and most convenient manner. You can grab this opportunity to generate real estate seller leads. Building a strong network does not mean that you are just gaining out of them. If you are seeking to generate high-quality home seller leads from mortgage lenders or attorneys, or local businesses, you would have to be in constant touch with them through regular meetings, phone calls, or meetings at social events or any business summits. Also, make sure that your services are also proving to be helpful for them in their businesses. This kind of mutually beneficial relationship will work out perfectly and help you in getting high-quality real estate seller leads.

You must also develop a good rapport not just with the businessmen and attorneys, but also with your past clients. Networking with old clients would also prove to be extremely beneficial, as they will keep referring your services to a wide range of home sellers, such as their family, friends, or colleagues. For building such a good and profitable network, you must call them at regular intervals, and send out seasonal greetings and informative newsletters. All of this hard work will ensure that you are always on top of their minds when it comes to selling homes or any other real estate property.

3. You Must Develop A Rewarding System

You might have observed that when people are getting something in return for their help and services, they are motivated to help out even more. The same is the case with everyone around you. When you are expecting your past clients to provide you with referrals, it is important to let them know that they would be getting something in return. For instance, you can provide them with discounted offers and other real estate services that they find useful. You can apply a sort of reward system for businessmen, local businesses, real estate attorneys, and mortgage lenders too. If they are able to avail some of the services or get a share of the profit from the sale, then they would be motivated to help you even more, and that too with high-quality leads.

4. Turn Expired Listings into Home Seller Leads

Generally, the real estate agents do not have any hope with the expired real estate listings. These are the listings that have been on the real estate portals for about six months or more but have still not managed to attract any buyers. So, most real estate agents do not find working with expired listings a profitable idea. Yet, this is an opportunity that you can make use of immediately. The best part of working with an expired listing is that you do not have to face any competition from the other real estate agents. You can contact these home sellers and get to know what problems they are facing. Generally, it happens that the homes that have been on the listings or real estate portals for a long time get left out, and people start assuming that there might be some problems with the house. Once you know the actual issue, you can strategize a proper way to get the house sold within a stipulated time. Let the home seller know about your new ideas and take them into confidence. Once they are comfortable working with you and agree with your ideas, it would be easier to find the right buyers. Turning expired listings into real estate seller leads is also beneficial because most of the time the issues are not very severe, and you can actually help yourself gain a profit on the home sale with little or no competition.

5. Reap Full Benefits of Digital Platforms

In today’s times, if you are not making use of platforms provided by digital worlds, then you would lag behind other real estate agents. Digital platforms are advancing every day, and it is necessary to ensure that all users can make full use of the features provided by these platforms. Digital platforms are not just helping the corporate or business world but also real estate industries. All you have to do is dive in completely to understand the working of the platform and use it to increase the home seller leads. Here are some of the ways in which you can use these digital platforms.

  • For Professional Networking and Home Seller Leads Generation Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an online platform wherein you can generate real estate seller leads by expanding your professional network. You can join real estate groups and share important information. In this way, it would become easier for the home sellers to reach out to you and work with you. But always ensure that the information you are sharing is useful and helps the customers in resolving their issues.
  • Social Media Platforms: There are multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where you can directly generate home seller leads and convert them into potential customers. 

6. Using the Opportunities Provided by Facebook Ads

On Facebook, you get the opportunity to create real estate pages and relevant groups. Through such focused Facebook groups and pages, you can bring together like-minded people (people who are interested in buying or selling properties, and every other person who is related to the real estate work in some way or the other). You can share blogs and video content, e-books, brochures, and many other things that your prospective customers may find useful. When people start sharing the content created by you on their pages or Facebook wall, the visibility of that content increases, and this, in turn, helps you to gain the attention of your target audience.

In addition to those social media ideas, you can run paid real estate Facebook ads. There are three key types of Facebook ads that you can run. One would be a branding ad, another would be a lead generation ad, an additional one would be sending them to your real estate seller lead generation website, one would be to upload a custom list to target, and then you can also retarget people who click on one of your Facebook ads or if they click on your website. As you can see, Facebook ads offer a great way for real estate marketing on social media. They have made it a great way to generate real estate leads for real estate agents.

7. Using the Opportunities Provided by Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that has a lot to offer if you have a great understanding of how the platform works. Through this platform, you can share small snippets of your specially created content in the form of tweets. Do remember to include relevant hashtags for increasing the visibility of the post. You can also start tagging people who belong to the real estate industry and try to get in touch with them. When the popularity of your tweets grows, you would definitely be able to generate high-quality real estate seller leads. Besides gaining organic traffic and getting in touch with your prospective clients, you can start paid advertisements as well. Through the ad portals provided by Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you can narrow down your target audience by using a set of search parameters and directly reach out to those who are interested in selling their houses at the earliest.

8. You Can Have Your Own Real Estate Website

Having a real estate website is one of the best and fastest ways to reach out to prospective home sellers. These days, even home sellers are making use of the online real estate portal to sell their house or hire real estate agents. So when you have a website, it will show them that you are moving ahead and adapting to the requirements of the changing business scenario with the help of modern-day technologies. Through your website, you can display your achievements via testimonials or reviews received from past clients. You can let your target audience (the home seller) know about the services you are offering, what are your qualifications, your experience in the industry, and much more. This kind of personal informational outline on your real estate website will build a foundation of trust in their minds. They will see that you are someone who understands the demands of the industry properly, and also someone who is going to be helpful when it comes to selling their homes. The people visiting your website will find you authentic and look forward to working with you.

You can build a landing page per the different services you offer. For example, you could have a landing page for home values, another landing page for sell your home, and even a landing page for services like fetch multiple cash offers. You also have the ability to make different Facebook ads for each landing page you create. 

9. Start a Useful Real Estate Blog

Besides social media platforms, having a real estate website will help you in gaining more and more clients. You can even create a blog where you can share useful and informative articles. Through your blog, you can share textual as well as visual content in the form of videos and infographics. You can share tips and tricks that would help home sellers in resolving many of their problems. You can also offer a comparative real estate market analysis for the home sellers through your website. This kind of comparison will help them understand what are the current prices for properties in different areas. Also, it will save them a lot of time as they will not have to hunt around multiple sites for such essential information as you would have very helpfully provided all the required content on one single site. With the help of your informative blogs, you can show that you have a great understanding of the real estate market and you know how to handle clients. By making the right use of the platforms, you can show that you are a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent.

10. Real Estate Open Houses

An open house allows you to do so many different things. You can send out postcards that have a review of you on them, one to three past sold homes on it, and the open house on it. You couple all of that plus a strong call-to-action for them to check their home valuation or home selling options.

Then you can door knock and circle prospect around your open house for seller leads. Most real estate agents think an open house gives them an opportunity to do real estate lead generation for buyers. When in fact, with the right recon work ahead of time, you can target the right property owners to door knock, circle prospect, and send postcards to. You can look up the neighbors who appear to be owner-occupants through

Then you can run a launch campaign through social media, and email, calling, SMS your local hot list of buyers, prior clients, and SOI who opt-in for communication to your open houses. This is great way to stay front of mind to your local community, prior clients, and SOI that you are the go-to expert for selling their houses.

The final step for a great seller lead generation system at your open houses would be to bring your seller marketing material to your open houses. Make sure to get it to stand front and center. Each real estate lead you get from your open house will remind you that you are doing the right thing. Make sure to get their contact info and to give them some things to take with them to remind them to check out their home’s value and or your selling options.

11. Real Estate Seller Leads From Farming

The best way to get started in farming for leads is to find a geo-targeted city, zip code, or subdivision. Then you will want to build a postcard campaign using EDDM. You will also want to use all of the main social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc. Your goal will be to put out high-quality content on a daily basis. You will use most of the things mentioned above to build a massive real estate farm.

Then as you start generating leads you will start building click funnels and email marketing. Each email address you generate will go into a macro level buyers or sellers list, and then you will break it down from there based on where they are in their decision-making process. Believe it or not email marketing done right is still very successful. Your buyers and sellers will need to opt-in and you will need to not overload them and give them high-quality useful content. This requires thinking vs just sending them apple pie recipes.

These potential clients will feel like they know you prior to ever meeting you, because of all of the content being created for them. Farming is the best way to build an email list for soft and organic value-adding marketing to. We believe you will really enjoy working with these leads.

12. Have You Heard Of Dorrmat?

You might have come across a lot of real estate websites or portals that claim to help in generating home seller leads but do not work out as promised. Not every real estate agent is able to keep the promises for all that they are claiming. So, while going through such websites, you must be wise enough to choose a site that is authentic and reliable. Dorrmat is a reliable and trusted real estate website that would help you in generating high-quality real estate seller leads. There are multiple features offered by the platform such as backend CRM, flexibility to add vendors, have access to lead notification, and much more.

All you have to do is to register on the platform along with all your essential details, such as your qualification, your extensive experience in the real estate world, your expertise, the services you are willing to offer, and other crucial things that you find important. This service is currently provided in Arizona. If you are a real estate agent looking for real estate leads and to join a real estate team that focuses on seller lead generation, then you will want to talk with the James Sanson Team as they will provide you access to the Dorrmat platform. They offer a great way to do lead generation for property owners looking to sell. 

A Dorrmat website offers great landing and squeeze pages for everything mentioned above. This platform offers the ability for you to add local vendors and service providers, home value, and multiple selling solutions. The platform is constantly being redeveloped in short with keeping the core people it was designed for front of mind.

When the founder set off to build this platform, it was to answer a simple question he had after nearly two years in the industry. How can I build a platform that benefits all members in the real estate selling process in a way we eventually land in a position of the most perfect model for all. This dedication and focus has allowed the founder to keep an eye on building a model that removes pain points and replaces them with pleasure points. In turn, it is building a model that is sticky for all members who are involved in a real estate transaction on the Dorrmat platform. As a local real estate agent looking to join a team in Arizona, we really encourage you to look to the James Sanson team if you like the sound of Dorrmat.


If you do not want to fail as a real estate agent, you need to work out strategies to generate home seller leads. Only then you would be able to analyze your position in the highly competitive real estate environment. Even though you are having a lot of ideas and strategies, you need to make the right use of them at the right time to ensure the best results. If you are vigilant enough to follow the above-mentioned strategies, you would be able to be in the top position for a long period.

A successful real estate agent will focus on one specific area in real estate. This allows them to focus on the same real estate marketing over and over on social media, Google, scripts, rebuttals, etc for lead generation. If you are just starting off, expired listings is a great source to generate now business on a tight budget. Then couple that with real estate marketing for seller leads looking to sell now with faster amazing to generate leads. Then you can build future business with home valuation leads. 

By focusing on real estate seller leads, you are getting the leads that want to sell and buy too. You can get this by focusing on buyer leads too, but by focusing on seller leads, you can leverage your business better. Read additional articles on real estate seller lead generation here.


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