How to Find the Perfect Showerhead For Your Shower

How to Find the Perfect Showerhead For Your Shower

It almost sounds ludicrous to read an article on how to choose the right shower head for you, but what goes into it is surprising. In fashionable cities like New Orleans or Houston, it’s easy to, for instance, a quality Kohler Luxstone from a reputable retailer as an affordable luxury. That’s not the issue. Knowing what to get that suits you is the challenge. Here, we’ll guide you through what you need to know in order to get the best possible showerhead for you.

What not to be Concerned About:

Believe it or not, we’ve standardized the pipe threading size in the United States, meaning that every fixture is at 1/2 inch. This takes the worry out of whether or not, any showerhead you purchase will fit onto the elbow of your pipe at home. People seem to concern themselves about this first when there’s no reason to.

Let’s start with the three main types of showerheads available on the market today and the benefit of each.

Wall Mounted

This showerhead is a simple model and common. It comes with a single head and mounts directly onto the elbow of the pipe and is simple and flexible in its design.


Hand-held shower heads can come in single or dual head models. On either, one head attaches to a flexible, metal hose and you hold it to shower and then replace it. A dual-head model has one removable head and one stationary. These types of showerheads are great for those with mobility issues or even for sitting in the bath or bath chair. Many people use this model to wash their dogs with the flexible and themselves with the stationary head. You may also wash hair with the flexible one without getting yourself wet from head to toe.

The Rain or Ceiling Showerhead

These are more contemporary models. There is a P or L shaped pipe that is affixed directly over you. It releases a spray through many small holes in the head. They are typically rectangular or round and cover the width of the person.

Before you purchase one, note what you like or dislike about your current one. You can go as far as taking your existing showerhead with you and consult with a salesperson in that department that knows this product. You don’t have to get technical or know much more than what you just read here. Just ask for something the same as what you have or different. Specify the difference you want and make sure you know what you’re looking for in a showerhead. The next section may give you some hint of what to look for.

The common PSI for the typical showerhead is 40-60; however, you must make certain that whatever showerhead you choose, you know what type of pressure you need. Otherwise, you’ll get all excited about your next refreshing or relaxing shower with your favorite new showerhead and when you get it home, there’s a horribly weak stream. What a disappointment.

So, the first thing to do before you head out to buy another showerhead is to test the water pressure in your home. Google the steps to improving it according to your particular issue and then set off to make your purchase.

The next step is to ask yourself what kind of shower spray you want? If you need to have adjustable spray settings, there are showerheads that come with that option. Some offer a wide spray like the rain types. Others pulsate and others have more of a rinse with more water in one space and others are targeted out of one nozzle.

At 2.1 gallons of water per minute, the shower is the second water guzzler next to the clothes and dishwashers. The good news is they all come in energy-efficient models. You can contact Water Sense and get suggestions on EPA-Certified showerhead that use 2.0 gallons per minute instead. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s an entire gallon of water per each minute. That adds up and all in your favor.

The last consideration is how the showerhead looks. They last a long while and you may feel irritated if you have a showerhead and it doesn’t go with the bathroom. It’s surprising how important things like that are to a décor because it’s a fixture that stands out especially when it doesn’t fit in.The bottom line is, it’s not as cut and dried as you would think to get the best shower head for your bathroom and for you as a functional item. But with a little science and honest self-knowledge into what you want out of your shower, you’ll be well on your way to a relaxing and refreshing customized experience.


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