How To Effectively Promote With Instagram By Focusing On Trends

How To Effectively Promote With Instagram By Focusing On Trends

We live in an era of rapid changes, the results are determined by the speed of reactions and decision-making. To keep up with competitors, you need to constantly monitor new trends and adapt them. Personal brand creation and social capital building remain to be the main goals of social network promotion. It is always relevant to buy Instagram followers in targeted interests, develop content marketing, launch advertising companies, and cooperate with bloggers.

In this article, we will analyze the tools being in demand at the current time and how their usage will raise the effectiveness.

Sales in Instagram Stories 

If you do not use stories to promote your project, then your Instagram is not working at full capacity. As a rule, stories are watched by loyal subscribers and it is much easier to persuade them to buy than random visitors in the feed. Stories are a great place to demonstrate your expertise and close the objections, reveal the key pains, and show customers how you can solve the problem.

You can strengthen selling stories with reviews, before/after results, and demonstration of the service process. Reviews are a simple, effective, and native sales tool. To increase trust, provide a link to the person who made the review.

Instagram Stories have gone a huge evolutionary way and today there are many engaging formats. One of the most interesting is games. They allow solving several tasks: strongly engage the audience and make the product presentation in an informal and memorable style.

Since Instagram ranks Stories according to two criteria, retention and activity, games will help to significantly raise the reach. There are different apps for creating Stories, they will help diversify the content and make it more dynamic.

Video Content as a Priority Format of the Social Network

When promoting, the artificial intelligence of Instagram takes into account behavioral factors such as involvement and attention retention. To create involvement, it is effective to buy real Instagram followers and other activity metrics at the early promotion stages.

To keep the audience’s attention it is worth using the video format. Reels is the trend and the most effective format of Instagram content. It has its reach and recommendation feed. To increase reach, an Instagram growth service is an effective method you can apply.

Videos are shown not only to your audience but people who are not subscribed to you. Due to this, Reels allows you to receive a large flow of the target audience for free.

Reels provide great possibilities for the montage and allow to diverse the visual content submission. To increase audience retention you need to set intrigue and indicate the problem that the person will solve by watching the video. In the case of expert content, do laconic and dynamic videos, reflecting energy. Formulate the key question in the description. Videos can be added to the Feed and Stories, which multiplies the reach of the audience. Reels can be also hidden from your Feed continuing to show up to users.

Thanks to the Reels format, you can interact with a new audience and keep the contact with existing subscribers.

Do live broadcasts to warm up your audience. They help build honest and trusting interactions with people. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time and quickly receive feedback. Use the current format for networking and mutual PR to increase your reach.

Make announcements in posts and stories, creating the value of live broadcast. If you have the financial opportunity, use targeted advertising. 

Choose themes based on your audience’s interests. You can demonstrate the product, talk about the nuances of use, share the opinion of experts. In case you make a joint live broadcast, make a promo for the speaker. Run a contest among subscribers. Giveaways help to keep the audience’s attention. More users will watch your stream to the end.

The goals of live broadcasts range from improving brand image to being able to sell in real-time. In any case, they open the door to a world of opportunities for effective Internet promotion.

Lead Magnet as a Method of Attracting Customers

A modern person is overloaded with advertising because of this, banner blindness develops and advertising becomes more expensive. Due to the development of a personal brand, lead magnets are becoming more and more relevant for bloggers, info-businessmen, and services sellers.

A lead magnet is a free first step providing the beginning of interaction with the client. It is an entry point into the sales funnel that generates new leads and works to increase brand expertise in the eyes of consumers.

Lead magnets can be created in different formats: free consultation, downloading useful material, free training, or service.

A lead magnet can be launched into advertising and this will promote your profile. It needs to be unique, useful, selling, and well-designed. Audience segmentation will help make your lead magnet more effective. This allows to accurately handle objections and pains for different customers.

Automated Sales Funnel as a Simple Tool for Business Growth

The auto funnel on Instagram is becoming a must-have for sales. Auto funnels help to automate the process of bringing a client from the moment of the first touch to the final purchase. The auto funnel helps convey information about the product and remove objections.

First, they are suitable to provide customer service. The system shows a catalogue, it is questioning a person and offers what he wants. To automate responses to potential customers, you can install chat bots. When the user writes a certain message, the system can autonomously interact with it.

The second goal is the long-term process of interaction with the client. Depending on the client’s reactions, the system individualizes the following messages. It is important that a person reacts to each message and keep the attention longer. As a result, the conversion in sales will be greatly increased.

Thirdly, it allows you to maintain operational contact with the audience, ensuring the economy of your own time.

Finally, the social network actively develops and it is important to track changes in time. Use new opportunities to effectively promote your account and achieve higher results in business.


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