How to Ease the Transition of Moving Back Home

How to Ease the Transition of Moving Back Home

There are a variety of reasons for which young adults move back home. Whether you’re trying to save money, resume your education or transition to a new career, making a temporary return to the nest can prove very helpful, if not financially necessary. However, as any adult child who’s moved back in with their parents can confirm, the transition isn’t always a smooth one. So, if you’ll soon be living under your folks’ roof for an extended period and want to keep conflict to a minimum, put the following pointers into practice.

Find Outside Storage for Larger Items

There’s a chance your parents may not have sufficient space to accommodate all the possessions you’ve accumulated since leaving the nest. Additional cabinetry, shelving and other large pieces of furniture are liable to make small living spaces seem cramped and uncomfortable, so if your folks have a modestly-sized residence, you may need to find outside storage solutions for larger items. When seeking out affordable storage, look for facilities that offer reasonable rates, easy accessibility and first-rate security. River City residents in the market for practical storage solutions can easily find public storage Sacramento.

Help Out Financially Whenever Possible

Since many young adults move back home in response to financial insecurity, paying monthly rent to your folks may not be a viable option. However, this isn’t to say that you should never chip in. Even if regular rent is off the table, occasionally paying for groceries or takeout can be an effective way to show your parents how much you appreciate their kindness. Additionally, if your parents are experiencing money issues of their own, consider offering to help out with certain bills whenever doing so is financially feasible.

Pitch in with Chores

Regardless of whether or not you’re able to contribute financially, you should make a point of regularly helping out with chores. Your presence in the house creates more work, and even if you’re good about picking up after yourself, you shouldn’t seek to exclusively clean the messes for which you’re personally responsible. Clearing the table, washing dishes and running the vacuum are all chores that are commonly carried out by children, so they should be a piece of cake for a savvy young adult. Additionally, if your folks need assistance with any heavy lifting or basic handyman tasks, throw your hat in the ring if you think you’d be able to help. While you needn’t become your parents’ all-purpose servant, consistently helping out with chores is among the most practical ways to show your gratitude.

Show Respect for Your Parents’ Schedule

Just as you have your own daily routine, your parents have theirs – and there’s a good chance that these routines are not fully compatible. For example, if you’re self-employed, work part-time or are between jobs, you’re liable to stay up much later than your folks. While there’s nothing wrong with being a night owl, making excessive noise while your parents are trying to sleep is liable to lead to some heated confrontations. So, if you end your day much later than your parents, make an effort to be as quiet as impossible after they’ve turned in. This means not stomping around the house during the overnight hours, avoiding loud phone conversations and keeping the TV and music at respectable volumes – or investing in good headphones. Alternatively, if you work during the overnight hours and come home before your folks get up, make as little noise as possible when coming in. Your schedules may be incompatible, but with a little bit of effort on your part, peaceful cohabitation with your folks is entirely possible.

Adult children returning to the nest can be a difficult situation for everyone involved. However, with cost of living at an all-time high and economic insecurity running rampant, it’s become necessary for a rapidly-growing number of young adults to move back home. Even if you have a great relationship with your folks, you’re likely to find that cohabitating with them as an adult is a very different experience than living under their roof throughout your formative years. Fortunately, with the pointers discussed above, you’ll be able to effectively ease the transition and make this new living arrangement more comfortable for both you and your parents.


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