How to Create the Perfect Family Home Entertainment Room

How to Create the Perfect Family Home Entertainment Room

You’ve come home after a long day, and you want nothing more than to cuddle up with a nice movie. Where are you going to watch it? Sitting in an old loveseat on a small TV? Or, in your family home entertainment room? 

If you are looking for a new project or need tips for setting up the perfect home movie room, keep reading.

Dedicate a Space

This is perhaps the most crucial consideration when creating a home entertainment room for the family. Where will it be? You will need a space you have a lot of control over.
If your first thought was the living room, you might want to think again. If that is a high traffic room in your house, you could risk damage to the equipment or need to replace fixtures sooner due to general wear and tear. This is not ideal, especially if you have young kids.
Popular spaces to dedicate to a home entertainment room are basements or attics. This is because they are out of the way and seldom used for much other than storage. If you have a fully finished basement or attic, now is your chance to dedicate that space to something fun for everyone.

But even if you don’t have a whole room to spare, you can still carve out a dedicated space. Choose a corner of your living room and arrange furniture to create a distinct zone for entertainment.

Repaint the Walls 

A dark or neutral color is ideal for home entertainment rooms. You do not need to paint the walls too dark. Brown or deep reds are nice and cozy tones that work well in home movie rooms.

Rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue can add a luxurious touch, while warmer colors like terracotta or mustard yellow create a more inviting feel.

You do not want a color that will reflect a lot of light, especially if you are going to use a projector. Choose a matte finish for your paint as well. Glossy finishes will reflect light, even if you pick a dark color.

With a bit of creativity and a few cans of paint, you can transform your entertainment room into a space that truly reflects your family’s unique personality.

Soundproof the Walls 

If you have thin walls or neighbors close by, consider adding soundproofing materials to your walls. If you are going to build a home theater, you should not have to compromise on the sound. You can simply put soft material along the walls like thick blankets. 
If you want a more professional setup, go with what the pros use. You can hang high-quality acoustic panels (like you may see in concert halls or public movie theatres, or line the room in special drapes. Match the material or drapes to the theme you want for the room.

You may also seal gaps around doors and windows with weatherstripping to prevent sound leakage. Even tiny cracks can let a surprising amount of noise through.

Additionally, adding carpet or rugs to the floor can help absorb sound and reduce echo within the room.

The extent to which you soundproof will depend on your budget and the level of noise reduction you need. Even small steps can make a noticeable difference in creating a more enjoyable and respectful entertainment space for everyone in the house.

Did Someone Say Snacks?

What is everyone’s favorite part of going to the movie theaters? The snacks, of course? Incorporate the element in your home theater.
You can set up a concession stand and stock up on all of your favorite candy and treats. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even buy a popcorn machine. Popcorn popped in a machine is way better than microwave kernels, and the delicious smell will fill the room.
 If you plan to entertain guests, this will make the home movie-viewing experience all that more special. 

Use a Large Screen TV or Projector

No one wants to crowd around a 28-inch TV to watch a movie or play a video game. You really need to invest in something worthwhile. Think big.
A large flat-screen TV is the way to go for a lot of folks. New innovations in the tech world have brought us curved screens, OLED and QLED, 3-D, and ultra-high-definition for an optimal viewing experience. Many smart TVs have streaming platform apps downloaded or available for download so streaming your favorite flicks is easy.
If you are not looking to spend too much on new tech right now or do not want to mount large-screen television to your wall, consider getting a projector. You can hook your projector up to your laptop, or even a phone, and stream or play movies with a few clicks of a button. Use a free-standing projector screen to avoid installation issues.

But if money is not an issue, consider investing in a built in entertainment unit to house your TV and other components, adding a touch of elegance and organization to the space.

Use the Right Lighting 

Now that you have your viewing equipment set up, you need to optimize your lighting. Movie theaters have specific lighting to keep the room lit without distracting from what’s on the big screen. Here are some lighting types to consider:

  • Task lighting: Task lights highlight specific areas that you may need to illuminate more than others. This is often achieved with floor lamps or wall-mounted lamps with dimmers.
  • Safety lighting: These lights are placed along floors, under chairs, or near doors. It is for the safety of everyone navigating the room.
  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting reference to general lighting. Consider using lights or bulbs that change color or can be made dimmer. 

Plan Your Seating Accordingly

You will not be able to enjoy all of the hard work you put into your house’s theater without comfortable seating. Will you have guests, or is it just you and your loved ones?
media sofa lounge is excellent for families who like to gather together at night to watch a movie together. They are big and accommodating for many people. If you plan on inviting guests, get individual recliners or lounge chairs. 

Install a Quality Sound System

You have a quality TV (or projector and screen), the right lighting, comfortable seating, soundproofed and properly painted walls in your home entertainment room, now all you are missing is the perfect audio system. The best entertainment room sound system will create an immersive and unique viewing experience.

Audio systems use multiple types of speakers, subwoofers, and other optional tech. Installation is just as important as the quality of your system. A professional audio installer can help you figure out the best placement and what brand of equipment is right for your room. 

Start Working On Your Family Home Entertainment Room 

Now that you know the elements that go into creating the perfect family home entertainment room, you can start this project. Dedicate a space to your home theater, and upgrade your tech and fixtures to start. Soon, you’ll have the perfect family room. 
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