How To Choose The Right Security Camera

How To Choose The Right Security Camera

Security cameras are a great addition to your home security as they are your eyes when you aren’t near your home. And because of this, you need the best cameras that home security companies at have to offer with their innovative technology.

The following factors can help you choose a suitable security camera that fulfills your security needs.

Use of Camera Indoors or Outdoors

If you need an outdoor camera, you should consider going for a hardy camera that is weatherproof. The camera should withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining full functionality.

If going for an indoor camera, the build quality can be less than that of an outdoor camera since indoor environment conditions aren’t as harsh and are regulated.

Wireless or Wired Camera

When deciding on wired or wireless security cameras, the issue of a stable signal arises. Wired cameras generally have a more stable signal because they use cables and wires. Their downside is that it can cost you more to set up wired security cameras.

Wireless security cameras are easy to install and set up because they have no cable. You can place them anywhere, thus increasing their surveillance capabilities.

Their downside is that they can carry weak or unstable video signals when their signals are interrupted by factors like weather. However, with improvements in encryption protocol technology, this is becoming less of a problem.

Resolution of the Camera

Security cameras give an output of a video feed. To properly use these home security features, you need a camera that captures real-time events with clarity. For example, a 6 MP camera will have a better resolution than a 2 MP camera. The better resolution also translates to better zooming capabilities.

In addition, when you combine a higher-megapixel camera with an appropriate quality lens, the security camera surveillance functions can variable from capturing wider to narrower fields of view depending on the security needs.

Lighting Conditions

If planning to use the security camera in a low light setting, you should consider going for a camera that is ideal for use day and night. This type of camera has a light sensitivity rating of 1 Lux and below.

If you plan to use the camera in a well-lit area, any camera, most security cameras, will be ideal in this setting.

Remote and Onsite Monitoring Capabilities

Depending on how you plan to monitor your security camera footage, you can go for an on-premises viewing camera or a remote viewing camera.

If you plan on having the feed near your premises to review it later, you can have it stored in a digital video recorder or have it for live viewing through an onsite CCTV monitor.

If you wish to have the live feed remotely far from the premises, for example, on your smartphone or PC, you can install security cameras with remote viewing capabilities.

Final Thoughts – How to Choose the Right Security Camera

Choosing the right security camera will boil down to your security needs and conveniences. In addition, the price may also influence the camera you pick if you are on a budget.

The important thing to note is that you should strive to make a balance on all of these factors, not to gain some functions at the expense of others.


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