How To Beat Spring Allergies With A Carpet Cleaning Procedure

How To Beat Spring Allergies With A Carpet Cleaning Procedure

The spring season is here and it’s also termed the ‘allergy’ season. Most homeowners aren’t aware that allergens can get directly embedded in various soft & hard surfaces such as carpets and furniture, respectively.

Most allergy sufferers out there know how essential it is to curb the spread of allergens, which is why we’re here to help you with the same. If you want to deal with spring allergies in the correct manner, it’s extremely crucial to keep your carpets clean with regular maintenance. Therefore, we recommend the below-mentioned procedures to keep your home interiors as safe as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Methods To Beat Spring Allergy

1. Always Vacuum & Dust Every Week

Professional services for carpet cleaning in Ryde states that it’s vital to vacuum your carpet at least one time every week. Whether you have high foot traffic or low foot traffic inside your home, the procedure of vacuuming must be maintained regardless.

The cleaning procedure should start by first dusting off your furniture and then vacuuming your carpets, because if you perform this process in a reverse manner, then the dust particles will continue to stay within your carpet fibres. Some of the recurrent allergens include dust mites, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mould spores and so on.

Apart from dusting and vacuuming, we also suggest investing in a good quality air purifier. The air purifier will be proficient to remove the allergens that are leftover from your vacuuming and dusting process.

2. Frequency Of Carpet Cleaning

Most professional carpet cleaners out there would suggest you deep clean your carpets at least once or even twice every year. But, if you or any of your family members suffer from allergy, then we suggest cleaning your carpets once every month of the year.

Now, when it comes to the process of whether you should follow DIY or hire professionals for the same, it should be perceived that as long as the method is carried out superbly, either option should be fine. However, when you’ll perform DIY carpet cleaning, you’ll simply run the risk of contracting the allergens, which can prove to be disastrous. But, when you’ll hire professionals for the same, they’ll do it for you.

3. Deep Cleaning The Carpets

One of the superlative ways to remove allergens from your carpet fibres would be to allow your carpets to be professional steam cleaned. The extreme heat from the steam will kill any bacteria and remove allergens, while also pulling out stains and odours.

Therefore, if you’re still on the fence on whether you should professionally clean your carpets, we hope that our guide has been able to change your perception. And for any carpet cleaning assistance, simply contact us.


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