How Often Should You Treat for Bedbugs at Your Luxury Hotel?

How Often Should You Treat for Bedbugs at Your Luxury Hotel?

The hospitality industry gravely fears bed bug infestations. Hotels provide safe and comfortable spaces and have a responsibility for the safety of the guests. Luxury hotels should take swift action if they spot any pest infestations in their hotels. To keep the bed bugs infestation at bay, the management needs to call in professional help and follow preventive measures to eliminate bugs readily. 

Bed Bug Infestations Means Business Unrest for Luxury Hotels

A single bed bug infestation can cost a lot for a hotel. The costs include replacement costs, extermination costs, coupled with the loss of business in the given period. Such high costs call to put the preventive measures in check and not leave any stone unturned to get rid at an early stage. Bed bugs multiply quickly, and before you realize it, you might already face a potential tangible and intangible risk for the hotel, the employees, and the guests. Moreover, if a guest turns to the law for help, the consequences can skyrocket, adding considerable sums to the already high loss. 

Apart from the monetary expenses, luxury hotels can threaten their reputation due to bad reviews by customers. Word of mouth spreads quickly in the internet era, and people rely on the reviews of a hotel to base their decisions on luxury hotels. A bed bug infestation can, therefore, mean more than the loss of money. An unfavorable reputation can mean a downfall for your business as guests would not like to take such risks. Since negative publicity can mean losing new or current customers, the hotel industry spends thousands of dollars on pest control to combat the pesky bed bugs and seek solutions for the betterment of the customers

Follow Pest Control Throughout the Year?

Most hotels face bed bug infestations almost every two years. An average hotel faces around seven infestations every five years. With such high statistics, one needs to speculate and scrutinize the pest control policies to mitigate the pest woes. It is essential for timely inspections from professional pest control Rochester NY, at least twice a year or annually. If you have the pest control preventive measures following regularly, there is less probability of bed bug infestation every year. As a result, the key is to keep all preventive and safety standards in check throughout the year. 

The issue surrounding bed bugs haunts the hotels more frequently than people think. Bed bugs do not discriminate based on luxury or cleanliness and can thrive in small motels and high-end luxury hotels. There is a reported seeing of bed bugs in all the states. The bed bugs do not just find a home in hotels but also breed in commercial settings, such as daycare homes, hospitals, nursing homes, dorms, offices, and so on. 

Why Use a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Taking aid from a bed bug control service is critical for hotel management. A professional pest control company can help eliminate the bed bugs and offer you preventive measures to keep check throughout the period.

  • A reliable exterminator can help the hotel management create effective integrated pest management (IPM) strategy that suits your luxury hotels and your customers’ needs.
  • A professional pest control company minimizes the need to undergo potentially disruptive reactive and expensive measures.
  • The pest control professional will provide proactive solutions and services to deal with bed bugs shortly. Moreover, they will give expert advice to control and prevent any types of pest infestations. 
  • bed bug exterminator in Indianapolis possesses technical capabilities and experience, and pest control companies back their solutions with expert field biologists and entomologists, who can help you get rid of the pest trouble effectively and legally. 
  • Pest control experts offer accurate reporting of pest activity. They also keep the records of prior infestation control measures for audit compliances. 

Measures to Prevent Pests in Hotels

  • The hotel management should follow proper food hygiene practices, such as cleaning, waste storage, and disposal. 
  • The interior design of a hotel plays a significant part in providing breeding grounds for bed bugs. A few access points will not provide leverage for the pests. Construction of walls and ceilings should prevent any build-up of waste materials.     
  • Building maintenance is essential to keep it pest-proof by keeping proper cable entry points and no unwanted holes.

None of the customers want to check into a room with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are resistant to a few remedies, which is why a professional can correctly help to get rid of the pests. The scenario is becoming highly prevalent, and travelers and hoteliers find such situations a constant and never-ending concern. Health is a valuable asset for travelers, and luxury hotels help them to enjoy their journey. Therefore, a luxury hotel should keep all the pest control measures in check to avoid any discrepancies.