How Can Commercial Luxury Vinyl Flooring Be Designed For An Office Space?

How Can Commercial Luxury Vinyl Flooring Be Designed For An Office Space?

Luxury vinyl tiles are taking over the flooring industry as the most popular and stylish choice. Providing countless designs, LVT flooring is also durable. Because of its many benefits, many people are on the bandwagon of choosing vinyl tiles for their offices.

However, selecting your luxury vinyl flooring is not enough. The hard part is choosing the best design suitable for your office. You may go for a marble grid look with endless design options, only to discover a flowered offset tile is a better choice.

Some of the popular vinyl floor designs include:

  • Grid
  • Stagger
  • Offset
  • Diagonal
  • Weave
  • Corridor
  • Soldier
  • Random

While the options are vast, it’s critical to understand what each pattern means to help you design your office better. Read on.

Why Use LVT Flooring in an Office?

Office designs have a lot to fulfill. Your office needs to be stylish to improve your brand appearance and boost productivity. Thus, choosing a flooring option and design for an office area is challenging.

Fortunately, luxury vinyl tile flooring provides the best solution. To meet your requirements, there’s much to choose from in terms of designs and patterns. You can choose between stone, wood, and concrete looks to add personality to your office space. Apart from the finishes and the aesthetics, vinyl tiles also have several benefits suitable for office spaces. They are:

  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning LVT tile is straightforward because it doesn’t stain and it’s waterproof. Hence, it’s easy to wipe out any spillage quickly before it damages the tiles. While the maintenance requirements are not demanding, it’s crucial to ensure your vinyl floor tiles look good and new.
  • Soundproof: An office environment requires low noise levels to avoid a negative impact on productivity. Even the sound of endless footsteps can be noisy and cause disruptions. Thanks to the luxury vinyl soundproof ability, you no longer have to worry about noise while working. Better still, consider having a suspended ceiling to boost the LVT soundproofing property.
  • Durable: Luxury vinyl tile flooring is incredibly durable. Though the price tag is higher, vinyl floor tiles are a worthy investment for your office space. As long as you properly maintain the tiles, rest assured of lasting use than carpets. Still, replacing a damaged tile is effortless rather than tearing down the whole floor, which prolongs the lifespan of the existing vinyl flooring.
  • Aesthetic: This is a significant benefit of luxury vinyl that wins the hearts of many people for both residential and commercial flooring. If you’re looking for an option with countless floor tiles design, LVT is your best choice. It features different patterns, colors, and textures to meet personal and general requirements.

Factors to Consider When Designing Vinyl Tiles

Aside from deciding on your ideal floor type and design, the layout is also crucial. From the moment you get to the office, the layout should flow and invite you to enter.

As observed, the design of your luxury vinyl impacts your working space’s comfort, ambiance, and liveability. The specifics to consider when laying out your particular design include the following:

  • Dimensions of rooms
  • Furniture positioning
  • Impact of natural light
  • Noise
  • Placement and dimensions of doors and windows
  • Positioning and quantity of power points
  • Privacy
  • Traffic flow

Now, let’s go ahead and choose the ideal designs for your office.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Designs For an Office Space

What do you want to achieve with your LVT tiles design? What message or feeling do you want the design to show?

These are some questions you should ask yourself before picking and installing your vinyl floor. Ensure you choose something that also complements the surrounding. Here you go!

  • Grid: This stack bond is a vinyl flooring pattern arrangement where you align all the horizontal and vertical points. A grid is universal, fitting all shapes of vinyl tiles–square and rectangles.
  • Stagger: Creating staggering vinyl flooring keeps the floor in shape, reducing the risk of tiles warping or bowing. It’s also ideal to use it with different colored vinyl tiles. But, ensure you use the correct tools to ensure staggering is adequately laid. Plus, get the correct room dimensions to help you know the number of rows. Then, lay your vinyl tiles covering the whole room.
  • Offset: This is a universal pattern to achieve with your LVT flooring in any space. Also called the running bond, it uses half the width of a rectangular tile to achieve a modern feel.
  • Diagonal: Arrange your vinyl tiles at 45 degrees to achieve the diagonal design. Though similar to the offset layout, the difference here is that the diagonal layout improves dimension and gives a unique appearance.
  • Weave:  Also called a basket weave, it provides several woven-style variations that work best with rectangular LVTs. It functions perfectly in an office space because it creates a movement effect in a defined space.
  • Corridor: This is a type of grid flooring pattern but with intervening rows. Form your own layout with the vinyl floor tiles.
  • Soldier: To achieve this pattern, stack your rectangular luxury vinyl tiles vertically. Try interchanging your tile direction to create an exciting variation.
  • Random: It’s just that–a random pattern. Here you can arrange your vinyl floor tiles to achieve any custom design. It’s a versatile look for your office, mainly if you use the space for other functions like meetings and lounge areas. Preferably, make this pattern with different colors and tile designs.
  • Quarter-Turn: This is a pattern, especially for luxury vinyl tiles, where you place the first tile facing any direction. Then, ensure the next tile is quarter-turning by 90 degrees. It works best for vinyl tiles with unique patterns.
  • Flemish Bond: You can achieve this vinyl tile pattern in your office by alternating rectangle and square tiles. Better still, you can alternate the shapes in different colors.

Final Word

The right floor for your office plays a significant role in appearance and productivity. That’s why it’s crucial to make the best choice. LVT flooring checks all the boxes to create the ideal office floor.

Even though it’s costlier than other flooring options, the long-term benefits it provides are worth the investment. Additionally, you have the luxury to lay it out depending on personal preferences and flooring needs. From the appearance to the designs, vinyl floor tiles have countless options.


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