How Are Our Homes Changing In 2021?

How Are Our Homes Changing In 2021?

In this past year, our homes have become our sanctuaries, keeping us and others out of harm’s way. We’ve moulded our homes into makeshift offices, D.I.Y gyms, and mini classrooms, whilst our back gardens and bathrooms have become our relaxation hubs. But, with social spaces and shops finally opening up, it is a great time to transform from your amateur designs into immaculate spaces, aiding any newfound hobbies or remote working lifestyles. 

We have created the ultimate guide to understanding the latest renovation trends of 2021, from the fun and fancy to the practical. 

The garden

During those dreaded lockdowns, it is likely that many households had children and adults of all ages living together. With different ages meaning different modes of entertainment, the family room dynamic may have presented the biggest lockdown argument: who is in control of the remote. As a result, many families have started incorporating more traditional elements into their bonding time. This, partnered alongside a new willingness to get out of the house, has amplified indoor/outdoor game nights, causing many to question the layout of their gardens. 

Gardens can help provide healthy exercise and are great for some family fun – especially with some good weather. From swimming pools to vegetable patches, gardens are a productive and educational tool, so it’s no wonder why so many people are utilising their landscape to accommodate their family needs and interests. 

Large garden sets allow all ages of a big family to enjoy lounging outside, as well as making outdoor dining all the more accessible. A concrete patio area can help keep bare feet clean, and also make it easier for wiping up any spillages. 

If you find yourself stuck for space when it comes to the outdoors, renovating your garden’s landscape can help harness the illusion of a bigger area. The use of vertical gardens, such as outdoor shelving and climbing vines, will add a sense of natural greenery to even the most urban settings. This space-saving technique will work on balconies too. Try mixing up plant and flower colours to add diversity and highlight different light reflections.

The living room

Alternatively, if you are naturally more of an indoors person, or perhaps don’t have a garden, 2021 has reignited the home cinema trend. Offering a chance to escape to different worlds without even leaving your house, a home cinema creates a dramatic atmosphere fully in line with professional theatres. Taking the best parts of modern technology, designers have manipulated lighting and sound systems to add a 3D aspect to movie night. 

To fully convert your living room into a home theatre, invest in a wide flat-screen television that can be mounted on a wall. Consider painting the walls a darker paint shade to heighten the room’s ambience, and if you want to go that extra mile, search on vintage furniture shops for cinema memorabilia. 

For those who like the idea but aren’t fully invested, it is simple and easy to recreate some of those cinematic elements. Surround sound speakers will heighten your senses without being too overbearing, and a comfortable sofa will aid relaxation. It is also worth looking into home projectors. These are fairly inexpensive compared to the latest television sets and can be projected right onto your wall for a larger film image. These can also be used outside and are great for social gatherings, giving you all the more reasons to get your garden in better shape. 

The office

Your living room isn’t where the powers of modern technology end. The latest renovation trend of 2021 focuses on the home office. Increases in the demand for remote working have caused many of us to want a more professional and private home environment to help us settle into this new working routine. 

Standard study elements like desks and computers are being updated, and many are refurbishing their offices with adjustable desk chairs suited to their desk height. Maintaining the correct desk posture is so important when it comes to preventing back and shoulder strain, so make sure you keep this in mind whilst renovating your office. 

A light and airy paint colour can also help you to maintain focus whilst preventing stress. The latest trends suggest positioning your office in a room with plenty of natural light, but make sure you consider any light reflections that may hinder your view of the computer screen. 

Final tips

Make sure you adjust your home renovation plans in accordance with your needs and budget. These 2021 trends are all about maximising socialisation and your work ethic, so make sure you keep these at the forefront of your thoughts whilst renovating.


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