House Hunting In London, Ontario, Canada – Things You Should Know

House Hunting In London, Ontario, Canada - Things You Should Know

London; the city that sits on the Thames River is a location brimming with opportunities for growth. You might want to relocate to London for a better job opportunity, to seek better education or for other personal reasons. There are several aspects to consider when relocating. For instance, convenience, safety, healthcare, and so on. Finding a perfect home to reside in is however the most important prerequisite.

London is constantly evolving; therefore, you can find anything and everything you are looking for in London. However, due to its rapid and consistent growth; London has become the choice for many, which has led to competition. 

Here, we have enlisted a few things you should know when house-hunting in London:

1. London has a Healthy Housing Market

First things first; when you relocate, you are going to require a house of your choice to live a comfortable life. London is renowned for its healthy housing market. Most Canadian markets like Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara and Ottawa have exorbitantly priced properties. London, on the other hand, is very affordable and offers many decent options to choose from. The average home price in London is roughly estimated at $333,424. 

One thing you must know is that the demand for houses in London is much greater than the supply. This is why if you go around looking for a property all by yourself, you might keep looking for years. The assistance of a realtor is a much-needed service to avail of when house-hunting in London. They are updated about the recent listings and can help you find the house that fits your criteria and budget. Since realtors are trustworthy and have experience and expertise, they can find the most impeccable property for you and deal with all the proceedings including shortlisting relevant property, scheduling a visit, negotiating, and so on. 

2. Weather in London

Weather greatly determines your health so it’s a good idea to know about the weather conditions before you move. London experiences at least a centimetre of snow on the ground 84 days a year, the summers are warm and partly cloudy while winters are freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy.

3. Safety in London

Although the crime rates have been steadily rising; London still is been kept safe by the active police force. London extends over a vast area, therefore, there are some areas that are safe and some that aren’t. The areas that have a lower crime rate are a little off the centre; for instance, Richmond, Bexley, Kingston-upon-Thames etc. However, being off the main city isn’t much of a problem due to the advanced transportation system in London. Westminster is the most dangerous place to reside; so, it’s better you do your research and choose your location.

4. London is Home to Flourishing and Diverse Community 

London is home to a population of 508,000 people from diverse communities. This is evident from the fact that when you walk across the streets of London, you will hear people not only speaking in English but also in French, Spanish, Arabic, Caribbean, and Asian languages.

If you are worried about settling in as an outsider; London is your assurance. London has accepted and promoted the music, dance, food and ideologies of countless countries and continues to do so. 

5. London Offers Several Employment Opportunities

When people relocate; employment is something that concerns them the most. London renders to the residents a plethora of industry sectors offering innumerable career and job opportunities. It is believed that London has greater job opportunities than any other segment of Canada. The opportunities are paired with an unrivalled cultural scene, which makes employment opportunities in London even more attractive. Despite numerous opportunities, one must not forget London has a competitive market and to get employed, one needs to actually stand out as a skilled individual. 

6. London has Ample Educational Choices

So many young individuals move to London for higher education. According to statistics, over a fifth of graduates move to London seeking higher and quality education. London is home to around 138 elementary and 28 secondary schools operated by the Thames Valley School Board. Apart from these; London has several colleges and universities offering courses in different fields. Therefore, if you are a parent or a young person yourself, you must know that London will certainly transform you into a prodigy. 

7. London is Invested in Art and Culture

Victoria Park - London, Ontario, Canada

London has over 100 heritage properties, this figure is sufficient to portray how invested Ontario is in Art and culture. If you are a creative person trying to find yourself; London will definitely help you out. There are several art communities and councils that can help you work on your skill sets. London is truly appreciative of talent and it will most likely be a game-changer for you. 

London offers the perfect blend of nature and concrete development. With all the above-mentioned pointers, you are now well-versed with life in London. When buying a house, make sure you are financially prepared, consider all your options, do your research, and choose smartly. London is beckoning; go live the life of your dreams in Canada!


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