Hottest Exterior House Colors of 2020 – Exploring Exterior Design Trends

Hottest Exterior House Colors of 2020 - Exploring Exterior Design Trends

If you’ve worked hard on your house, the perfect paint color is the cherry on top of all your efforts. Color has the ability to influence our mood and set the tone of a space.

With so many choices out there, searching for the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home can be overwhelming. Have no fear.

This list of the hottest exterior house colors 2020 will help you make your big decision. These colors are trendy, beautiful, and perfect to make a house into a home.

1. Deep Teal

As one of the most popular new home trends of this year, painting your house a deep teal color is sure to turn heads. While you may think teal is too bright for a home, a deeper shade is subtle, welcoming, and unique.

Perfect for a tropical location, deep teal homes look beautiful with greenery. This color will complement any plants, bushes, and grass in your yard. We recommend adding tan trim to keep with the deeper tones.

2. White

If you like a more traditional looking house, white is also a trendy color this year. Most houses will look classic, clean, and timeless with the perfect coat of white paint.

While you may think white is a safe choice, it can be a perfect match for colorful details. Consider adding a pop of color with your front door and trim.

3. Burgundy

For complex architectural style homes and simple homes alike, burgundy can emphasize the design. This deep red shade is a unique, bold choice that is sure to make you feel at home.

While bold color choices are one of the hot decorating trends for 2020, burgundy is a top choice to make an impact. This deep color has a traditional feel with a modern spin. It also pairs well with brick or white trim.

4. Charcoal

You can’t go wrong with a classic, warm color for the exterior of your home. Charcoal is a welcoming, cozy, and clean looking color.

Charcoal is one of the top 2020 decorating trends because it matches well with many colors and styles. We recommend using a bright, neutral-toned trim like white, ivory, or light tan.

5. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow serves as both an unexpected accent color and a unique all-over color. While this is a calm, subtle tone, it is also bright and cheery.

While yellow is a beautiful statement color, people often shy away from its vividness. However, a paler and toned-down yellow color is approachable while still making a statement.

6. Blush Pink

In the way that pale yellow is a cheery yet subtle color, blush pink is a warm and inviting color. While pink often intimidates homeowners, blush pink has a more neutral-toned, casual vibe.

Pink has been reportedly induces feelings of calmness. Using blush pink for the exterior of your house is a great way to feel calm and at home. We recommend using light-colored accents to keep with the casual tones.

Experiment With the Hottest Exterior House Colors 2020

Now that you know some of the hottest exterior house colors 2020, which will you choose for your home? While the paint store can look overwhelming, this list can provide much-needed inspiration.

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