Home Security Upgrades – How Roller Shutter Doors Can Protect Your Property

Home Security Upgrades - How Roller Shutter Doors Can Protect Your Property

In this day and age, home security is something that every homeowner needs to consider. While modern home designs with floor-to-ceiling glass, door, and window treatments are aesthetically pleasing, it’s a design trend that doesn’t provide the best security. Your home is your safe haven and a place to keep your family safe from dangerous external forces. With recent climate changes increasing extreme weather conditions in many locations and property crime on the increase, it’s not surprising that many homeowners are looking for new options to increase their home security.

Thanks to technology and other advancements, there are new upgrades in construction and architecture that are also making homes feel more secure without having to sacrifice on the design department. One of these is roller shutter doors. To keep their homes safe and secure, roller shutter doors are one of the most effective options for homeowners looking to upgrade their home security and protect their home from extreme weather hazards. If you don’t have one already, now is probably the best and most opportune time you can have roller shutter doors installed to keep your home safe and secure.

That said, here are some of the ways that roller shutter doors can protect your home:

It Deters Burglars

This is one of the most obvious ways a roller shutter door can protect your home: it drives burglars away. If you have a house with open window panels and full glass windows and doors, this can be an easy temptation for thieves to peer into your house and lurk around. In reality, unprotected glass areas are like a welcome sign for burglars to come inside. One way of preventing burglars from easily entering your home is by putting down your shutter doors, especially when you’re not home.

How does this work? Roller shutter doors are secured on each side of the wall by runners. In these runners, a bullet lock is installed. This steel housing system is what encloses the bullet lock to the roller shutter door itself. With this kind of system in place, it shows that roller shutter doors are sturdy enough to prevent thieves from breaking in.

It’s a misconception to think that roller shutter doors are going to affect the aesthetic value of your house. Today, technology allows these roller shutter doors to be pulled up neatly when they’re opened. In addition, the color can also be made to suit the design and color scheme of your home.

It Prevents Vandalism

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a relatively safe area that’s away from thieves and other dangerous entities, then that’s great! But there’s still another reason you should have roller shutter doors in your house. Even if there are no thieves, there might be someone looking for homes to vandalize or damage just for fun. Especially on glass, any permanent vandal or damage can be a costly one. This damage can’t just be washed off and cleaned, you have no other choice but to have any broken glass changed at your own expense.

A double-purpose protection for your house comes in the form of roller shutter doors. Not only can you keep thieves away, but you can also prevent vandalism from happening. Should vandalism be made on your shutter door, you can easily repaint it anyway, or not have it seen during daytime as you roll it back up. That’s so much better than having permanent damage on your expensive glass, which cannot be redeemed anymore.

It Protects You from Accidents

You may think that it’s impossible until it happens to you and your home. Accidents do happen and unfortunately that can include a car or truck plowing into your home. Imagine an out of control vehicle ramming through a glass door or floor-to-ceiling window in your home. Without a layer of protection, your home can end up as nothing more than an open and vulnerable box. Roller shutter doors are created to be sturdy enough to withstand the impact of vehicles. They’re created from specially designed metal or fiberglass that’s durable and made for hard-wearing.

It Protects You From Extreme Weather

Burglars, vandalism and accidents aren’t the only external forces that you have to protect your house from. Especially if you have a glasshouse by the road, there are other natural forces that your home has to be protected from.

For instance, roller shutter doors can be a great way to deter the following:

  • Extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. It isn’t just about the rays of the sun—it’s about the sensation of heat. When the temperature gets too hot and too cold, you need a layer of protection to keep your house comfortable without relying too much on the heater. Plus, this is also an excellent way to keep your electricity well-balanced. If you need an investment that serves a dual purpose, roller shutter doors are your answer.
  • If you have a glasshouse right beside a busy or urban highway, you may be disturbed by the noise of the busy road. On busy days, when there are too many vehicles passing by or during the rush hour, you can keep your home a little bit quieter by putting down your roller shutter doors.

It’s important to highlight the importance of protecting the interior of your home from the harmful rays of the sun. This is where a roller shutter door can serve a dual purpose. Especially in the warm summer months, or if you live in tropical countries, the sun can be too much that even blinds or curtains wouldn’t be enough for it. Too much sun in your home can be harmful, not only to you but also to your expensive appliances and furniture that may be exposed. Rather than risk damaging your wide-screen TV because of too much sun exposure on your glass living room, have a permanent fixture instead, such as the roller shutter door, that works to be a worthy investment.


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