Home Renovation and Maintenance – 5 Tips To Consider For Selecting Roofing Contractors

Home Renovation and Maintenance - 5 Tips To Consider For Selecting Roofing Contractors

Replacing a worn-out roof can be a necessary part of a renovation project or long-term home maintenance. Getting a new roof system installed can be costly however done right it is a reliable solution for long-term home ownership. A roof system contains several components such as insulation, membrane, deck, and flashing. All of these components must synchronize with each other, otherwise it can result in premature failure of the system. That is why selecting a professional roofing contractor is very important.  

Toronto roofing company Cherry and Clark put together the following list of factors to consider while choosing a contractor. 

Accurate Cost 

The cost of the roofing system is usually the number one factor when choosing a contractor for most people. But it is extremely important that the contractor is reputable, a certified expert and gives accurate and concise pricing. In many projects, several contractors submit a bid with a cost for the completion of the project. The contractor who bid the lowest amount for the project is usually selected. However, there can be some drawbacks in this process if there is an inequality of system and materials in the bid. Maybe the bidder even made a mistake while bidding. If that is the case, the contractor might try to use substitutions or cut corners to save money. In short, a mistake made by the bidder could also cost the owner. So, the best way is to bid the price with an accurate description that considers the materials, system, and procedure. 


If you are going to select a contractor cost alone then you should pre-qualify the contractors before the bidding process. That is the best way to see if all the contractors are qualified for your project. It is the best way to ensure their experience, professionalism, and workmanship. 

Scope of Work 

There are so many different systems and materials available on the market. Moreover, there are different application and installation methods which can have an impact on the cost of the entire project. That is why you need to provide a scope of work that explains systems, materials, and applications. If an itemized scope cannot be provided, then make sure that the contractor estimates the total cost of work. Ask the contractors to provide you with all the details about project duration, materials, system, and applications. 

Payment Details 

Another important factor that you must consider is to make sure that you do not pay for work in advance. Make sure that the contractor is financially stable and have all the resources to complete the project. Financial strength is important when you want to see the project completed on time. Beware of contractors that want a payment advance. You could get into a situation where someone takes on too many jobs and leaves to go to another site to complete work elsewhere. These shady tactics are a sure sign of trouble and potentially a contractor that does not want to take responsibility for a work that they do. 

Experience and Work History 

Experience is one of the top factors to consider. You will not want to hire someone who does not have adequate experience. Look for well-established companies and contractors that are able to provide you assurance of their professionalism based on its previous work.


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