Home Maintenance and Renovation Guide to Glass Table Top Replacement

Home Maintenance and Renovation Guide to Glass Table Top Replacement

Glass table tops are a functional and beautiful way to introduce character and style to any living space, but one of their functions is also to protect the top of an existing table, especially if it has a wood finish, from damage such as drink spills, nicks, scratches and even the sun.

Glass table top replacement refers to a tempered glass that is mainly ordered from custom services so that you can have a replacement for your table top. The required table top replacement is not always available in stock therefore it has to be cut out to the size needed. The table top replacement made from tempered glass are mainly resistant to heat, simple to clean, and offer a variety of colors to choose from. Their main style offered is the etched and frosted.

When you need a replacement for your table tops, they can be customized to meet your specifications. The edges of the glass cuttings come in a number of different types such as the triple pencil, flat polish, beveled edge and the pencil polish. For the best deal, it’s wise to go for glass that is customized since the corners will be cut into sharp and clean lines that are already finished. This will reduce the chances of accidents at home when interacting with the table.

Glass table top replacement can be used in three major ways; to protect furniture (glass table cover), on a pedestal as a glass top, and a rim as insert glass. These glass top covers have recommendations too in that; the thickness of glass that is always preferred should be 1/4” to 3/8” or at times ½” can be used to ensure that the furniture has some weight. The type of edge should always be the flat polish while pencil polish maybe used to bring out one’s preference and taste. The glass strength also matters because annealed glass is not as efficient as the tempered glass which reinforces safety.

There are a few things to put into consideration when doing the replacement of table top glass and they include:

  • Shape. The choice of shape matters because the most common table tops are round ones followed by the rectangular and then the square ones come last.
  • Measurement. Obtaining the correct table top glass is very easy. You have to simply get the measurement of the length and width and attach them with the new order and if it is a round table, then you need to measure the diameter.
  • Customization. It is always a good idea to state what type of glass table top replacement you need since there is always a variety to choose from. Transparent glass is always the best since it creates illusion of the space.

It is also very important to note that the thickness used for table top glass indoors differs from the outside ones. Glass table top replacement mainly used for indoor furniture is used on kitchen table tops, dining, coffee tables and the dining area. Outdoor table top glass requires more thickness on it since they serve a number of purposes. Its thickness may range from ½” to 3/32” but still remains open to other choices depending on the usage of the table. Tempered glass is preferred for outside table tops since it is more resilient and when breakage occurs, it does so into very small pieces.

You will also need to order the kind of edge you want to have for the replacement glass table top because most tempered glass manufacturers always give a seamed edge. Personal preference is always important, so ask for the desired edge type that is most suitable for your table. The glass shape will also have an impact on its cost. This simply means that a rectangular glass table top will cost less to replace than a round one, especially if the table piece is custom made. 

Finally, it advisable to consult a professional glazier to take proper measurements in order to get the right size of glass for the table you have. A professional will get the precise measurements necessary to make sure that the replaced glass sits perfectly and balances properly on your table. 


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