High-End Interior Lighting Solutions – All You Need to Know About a Well-Lit Space

High-End Interior Lighting Solutions - All You Need to Know About a Well-Lit Space

There are many aspects to consider when designing a space, and one of the most important you cannot ignore is lighting. Lighting plays a big role as it can not only illuminate a room but also transform it so that it serves a purpose and can affect one’s mood. Here is what you need to know when ensuring a space is well-lit.

The psychology of indoor lighting

You are probably familiar with what circadian rhythm is—a 24-hour cycle that tells our body when it’s time to eat, sleep and wake, in addition to influencing other important bodily functions. 

Well, light is a big part of this, as we are usually awake during the day and sleep at night. That means that the level of light can affect how sleepy we are. Moreover, we can also perceive cool and warm light differently and interpret it as alarming or calming. Bright lights tend to make people feel warmer even if the temperature has not changed. Finally, the direction of the light is also something to consider when planning the space you want to create.

Types of interior light

In terms of types, we have natural and artificial lights. However, seeing as natural light is hard to control, we will focus on five types of artificial light. 

For one, there is general lighting, which gives a room functionality but can serve as a statement piece as well. It is usually placed in the center of a room which means that it needs to be complemented with other types to avoid unflattering shadows. 

Overhead lighting fixtures can be combined with ambient lighting. This variety creates an atmosphere in a room, meaning that it can add drama and alter the appearance of a space. This includes beautiful chandeliers and fixtures from luxury lighting company VONN.

There is also task lighting, which is used when cooking, reading, or doing some other activity that requires a light with a stronger wattage. 

Then, mood lighting fixtures like table and floor lamps work great for preventing shadows from general and ambient lighting while accent lighting like spotlights is used at art galleries as well as private homes to highlight artwork or architectural features of a space.

Lighting effects

By choosing the right type of lighting fixture, there are many effects that can be created. 

For example, central light sources usually create a downlighting effect while sconces and various lamps can bounce the light off the ceiling and reflect it back into the room thus creating an uplighting effect. 

The wall washing effect is used when there is a need to softly illuminate a vertical surface in an even manner and wall grazing highlights the texture of a wall. 

Finally, we have spotlighting and perimeter lighting. A great example of these two is in casinos. They use spotlights and flashing lights to attract players to certain games and perimeter lighting to create an illusion of a much bigger space. What is more, you’ve probably noticed that traditional casinos don’t have windows. This is because they are also aware of the effect natural light has on our circadian rhythm. By only having artificial lights, they can keep players interested for much longer, as it’s easy to lose track of time. 

Lighting DOs

Before installing lighting fixtures, you should be aware of a room’s layout and plan for certain pieces that might need specific lighting. Also, make sure there is a nice transition between rooms, as you don’t want a sharp change from dark to bright. 

When picking out lightbulbs, consider their wattage as well. 40 watts is much more inviting than 75 watts, for example. You should also add dimmer switches so your lighting can be responsive and adjusted according to your mood. Finally, remember to conceal bare bulbs with diffusers.

Lighting DON’Ts

Something you should avoid doing is having only one central light fixture. You don’t want unflattering shadows, so layering lights is essential. Install enough outlets, as you surely don’t like extension cords to ruin the aesthetic of your space. In the same vein, hide all wires.

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to properly illuminate a space, as someone once said “Design is intelligence made visible”. Keep these tips in mind and you should have no issues.


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