Healthy Living Essentials for Luxury Home Owners

Healthy Living Essentials for Luxury Home Owners

Luxury is a funny thing. The most luxurious-looking gown can feel like an itchy, unflattering prison if it’s made with cheap fabric and no loving care. While it’s fun to design your flagstone patio and master bedroom walk-in closet, the best part of your ultimate dream home lies in the little unseen luxuries that give you peace of mind.

Healthy Island Lifestyle

Take a note from former Wall Street heavy hitter Paul Scialla, and model your home after one of the healthiest homes in America. He named his new health-centric real estate venture Delos, after an Aegean island from Greek mythology in which residents were protected by the god Apollo and death didn’t exist. Scialla spent four years and 75,000 hours with doctors from the Mayo Clinic and Columbia University reviewing research and developing the seven tenets of the healthiest home possible: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mental health.

Inside Air Quality

Fire retardants, radon, formaldehyde and lead are found in most households. Delos homes utilize sediment and carbon filtration in addition to purifying all the air entering the home with ultraviolet light before it hits your lungs. The homes use the same ultraviolet light to purify all the water in the home as well. While carbon filters are the standard, they need to be replaced regularly. Look for smart tech that alerts you when filters have run their course. These eSpring filters from Amway are easy to install into bathroom fixtures and have tutorial videos to boot.

Walking on Air

While ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile are beautiful, they are not doing your back or knees any favors. Since the most foot traffic and standing time occurs in the kitchen, it’s the first place health-conscious luxury homeowners have been opting for stylish solutions, such as cork, bamboo and rubber. Rubber is the most durable, but it also has an industrial feel that might not work with some of your home aesthetics. Plus, it needs to be resealed every few years. Sustainably sourced cork is another great option. Although it’s not as durable as rubber, cork can be somewhat “self-healing” and will look great for years to come if resealed every few years. If you are opting for bamboo floors, understand that not all bamboo is not created equal. It comes in quite a few varieties that range in hardness and durability.

Fitness-Friendly Amenities

Having fitness equipment ready to use at home can have an incredible effect on your health, especially if you’re located in a city where traffic to and from the gym can be a deterrent to making the trek before or after work. Designating a room in your home for yoga with mirrors and soft flooring or a full-on gym filled with equipment can get you into much better shape than the most expensive personal trainer. We also love the idea of outdoor, built-in fitness equipment, like an endless lap pool, tennis court or basketball court.


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