A Guide To Perfecting Rustic Interior Design Inside Of Your Home

A Guide To Perfecting Rustic Interior Design Inside Of Your Home

Rustic interior design has continued to explode in its popularity throughout 2022. For homeowners who want a down-to-Earth look in their home’s interior design, and one that simultaneously calls back to an older time, rustic styling becomes a perfect choice. If you’ve been thinking of looking into and embracing rustic interior design in your home, but do not know where to start, we’re here to help you out with this guide to perfecting rustic interior design inside of your home: 

What Exactly Is Rustic Interior Design Anyway?

Stylists often define rustic interior design as layouts that emphasize natural elements, organic materials, and a cozy aesthetic. The design elements of log cabins, farmhouse-style homes, country-style homes, and other rustic locations have helped to define this particular design movement. These elements are inspired not only by old country homes in the United States but in other countries (especially France) as well. Additionally, rustic design ideas often take inspiration from ranch-style living estates, vintage elements, and mountain lifestyle choices. If you want to mix vintage, rustic, and old country styles within your own home, embracing the rustic design aesthetic is the way to go. 

A Brief History of Rustic Interior Design Trends

Rusing style elements are taken from the look of homesteader residences in the early nineteenth century. These homes focused on creating warm, inviting spaces where residents can relax after long, taxing days of hard work. Modern rustic styles have pushed this look into a still-cozy, but more complex territory. Reclaimed wood features, barn doors, neutral paint palettes, and other fun rustic design aesthetic elements have helped to define the modern rustic design style. The mixture of timeless and classic has ensured the design choice is hyper-popular among homeowners, even in 2022. To truly unlock this popular aesthetic, however, you need to include quality rustic decor within your home’s interior. 

5 Important Modern Characteristics of Rustic Interior Design

1. An Emphasis on Greenery 

If you want to achieve a rustic look while also livening up your home, using live plants to boost the atmosphere of your house is highly recommended. The choice can also create a woodsy feel that’s incredibly popular with those who love the rustic design aesthetic. Cascading plants above your cabinets, vine-style plants on palettes, and plants planted in mason jars have all been especially trendy in 2022. Greenery is also a big aspect of other popular home design trends in 2022 as well.

2. Inspiration from the Animal Kingdom 

More recently, rustic design elements have been embracing design choices inspired by the animal kingdom. Antlers hung above your mantle or fireplace, hunting attire, animal hide rugs, and leather furniture have all become hugely popular choices for those looking to achieve the rustic design aesthetic inside their homes. Even if you’re looking to achieve this look like someone who does not want to use actual animal products, faux-leather furniture can provide a great choice. 

3. An Incredibly Warm Ambiance 

One of the key reasons people love the rustic design aesthetic is its cozy, warm, and inviting look. Due to this, you want to build features, design choices, and other elements into your home that emphasize that down-to-Earth, comfortable feel. Building a wonderful fireplace (especially with stone lining), or embracing a focus on a candle-filled environment, can become especially complementary to other rustic interior design choices. It will also make your home perfect for hosting, or a romantic night in. 

4. Embracing Earthy Colors 

Earthy colors are incredibly important to pulling off a rustic look. When you use colors that are overly vibrant, or that look manufactured, the otherwise rustic nature of your design choices can become offset, and begin to enter into territory that’s overly modern. Brown, green, gray, and red color schemes are especially useful for achieving an authentic rustic interior design within your home. By keeping your color palette muted and monochrome, you can achieve the look of forests, lakes, and other natural locations that help guide the feel of the rustic design aesthetic. 

5. Using and Repurposing Raw Materials 

By incorporating and repurposing raw materials into the design of your home, you can embrace a rustic look hugely. Whether you’re using old wood, vintage decorations, or other raw materials to achieve this goal, you’ll quickly unlock a rustic look that will redefine the personality of your home’s interior design. The sheer fun of trying to take on this creativity-reliant design project will appeal to those who love to do DIY projects within their home as well! 

Here’s to a Perfect Rustic Look for Your Home’s Interior 

With the tips and information we’ve provided in this guide, you can finally achieve the perfect rustic look within your home in 2022. You will be the talk of the town, and your house will become a new favorite spot for your friends and family to spend quality time together. Especially for those who simply love to host, going with rustic design choice elements in your interior design is highly recommended. 


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