Grammar And Editing Hacks For Student Writers

Grammar And Editing Hacks For Student Writers

For students who write, mastering correct grammar and polishing their work so that it has a professional tone can be difficult. 

Fortunately, some useful tools and techniques can make the writing process easier and more efficient – both for classroom assignments and larger projects such as essays or creative writing. 

In this article, you’ll learn simple but powerful hacks on how to master proofreading your own writing and optimize your editing process at the same time with step-by-step tips from experienced writers. 

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a beginner looking for fresh ideas, this article will teach you new approaches to improving your writing skills!

Use spellcheck and grammar-check

There are a few simple tricks to make sure your work is error-free. 

Spelling and grammar-checking tools are essential common mistakes. A plagiarism checker can also help ensure the authenticity of content for student writers.ย 

In addition, familiarizing yourself with the basics of grammar and punctuation will help prevent careless mistakes in your work. 

Tools for spelling and grammar checking:

  • Grammarly: This free online spell and grammar checker allows you to identify common mistakes in your writing.
  • Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar Check: Built into Word is a reliable spelling and grammar checker. That can help with small tasks like making sure all words are spelled.
  • WhiteSmoke: This free tool not only checks for spelling and grammar mistakes but also provides helpful suggestions for ways to improve your writing style, word choice, punctuation accuracy, etc.
  • Ginger Spell & Grammar Checker: A free browser-based spellchecker that highlights any mistakes in your text.
  • ProWritingAid: An AI-powered editor that offers a generous free version with useful features such as identifying errors, giving stylistic editing suggestions, and readability checks.

Watch out for Wordy Phrases

It’s important to remember that sentence structure and grammar are critical components of any successful paper or essay. 

To help make their written projects stand out, student writers should pay attention to the common pitfall of wordy phrases. This can make your prose heavy and difficult to read. Trim down long sentences wherever possible and use simple language to ensure that I understand your message. 

Taking advantage of assignment writing help can be beneficial in helping you refine your writing style and grammar skills.

Some tips:

  • Choose short words: Where possible, replace long and complicated words with shorter variations. This will help to make your writing clear, concise, and easier to understand.
  • Cut down on adjectives: While it’s fine to use a few descriptive words here and there, too many can clutter up the prose and give it an overcomplicated feel.
  • Trim unnecessary phrases: When we use too many modifiers in a sentence, our reader can become confused or overwhelmed by the number of options available. Try to limit yourself to one phrase when possible instead of packing many versions into a single sentence.
  • Express simple ideas: Focus on expressing simple ideas using simple language. This will make it easier for readers to follow your train of thought and understand what you’re trying to convey without getting lost in complicated sentences or wordy phrases.
  • Use assignment writing help: If youโ€™re having trouble improving your grammar, donโ€™t be afraid to reach out for help. There are plenty of resources available both online and offline that guide you with writing assignments, proofreading services, and more!

Break Up Your Sentencesย 

One way to make your writing more engaging is by breaking up your sentences and alternating between short and long structures. 

This can create a dynamic flow that captures the attention of the reader and adds interest to the piece. Additionally, shorter sentences are often easier for readers to digest, as they can grasp the point of each sentence without becoming overwhelmed by convoluted language. 

As such, they should be used when needed to emphasize key ideas.

Avoid Cliches and Overused Expressionsโ€“Keep your writing fresh with new ideas and phrases

Use Active Voice in Sentences

Writing in an active voice is a great way to make your writing more direct, accurate, and clear. 

By using the active voice, you focus on the sentence and how it acts. Not on who or what gets the action. By using this structure, you create clearer sentences, which highlights the most important parts of your message and helps readers understand what you’re trying to say.

Also, by using an active voice. You should keep your sentences concise and limit the number of modifiers, as they can confuse or complicate the text.

  • Focus on your sentence: By focusing on the subject, youโ€™ll create sentences that are more direct and understandable.
  • Keep sentences concise: Avoid cluttering your sentences with too many modifiers or overly long phrases.
  • Be aware of passive voice: While using passive voice can be effective in certain situations, try to use it only when necessary.
  • Practice makes perfect: Writing in the active voice takes practice and some trial and error, but you can master this writing style by being consistent.


Writing is a skill that requires plenty of practice, but with the right editing and grammar hacks, your writing can reach the next level. Making use of these writing tips and tricks, you’ll find that words flow when creating interesting stories, essays, or reports. 

Grammar and sentence structure are integral to producing work that will draw in any reader, while proper spelling and punctuation offer further enhancement. Aspiring student writers can enjoy simple grammar hacks, like installing a toolbar extension that will check for common mistakes. Keeping consistent formatting throughout your writing projects increases readability and makes it easier for editors to review and provide feedback on your work.

Moving forward with these insights in mind will lead you to success and recognition for your stellar writing skills!


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