Going Green – Incorporating Sustainability in Property Renovations and Home Maintenance

Going Green - Incorporating Sustainability in Property Renovations and Home Maintenance

If you are considering renovating or even doing some routine maintenance to a property you own, now is the perfect time to incorporate greener ways of living and working, or try out sustainable living. The latest building trends include sustainable features that appeal to any home or a business owner. Aside from making your home more appealing, sustainable features are also beneficial as this can help you save money from paying expensive bills. 

And who wouldn’t want an eco-friendly home or office, the cost savings alone long-term would be enough to spend the money initially to incorporate green living. The added advantage, of course, is the fact that you are giving back to the planet and conserving resources.

The Green Way

The most obvious place to start incorporating an eco-friendly approach would be with water and solar systems. These systems are the most common way to add to an existing building with relatively no mess and fuss. Since these are common, you’ll be able to find several businesses that offer these products. If you’re planning to add these to your home, make sure to spend some time scouting for options and only buy products from reputable brands in the market. 

If you decide to install a grey-water system, call in experienced plumbers such as these guys to give you advice and do the installation. No cutting corners here, the piping system is not as easy as you may think, and many building regulations will not allow unsightly tanks to be visible on most properties.

Regardless of how small your home’s plumbing system is, it’s always best to call professionals to install an eco-friendly water system. Working with them will give you peace of mind knowing that your grey-water system is installed properly and won’t cause problems in the long run. 

Going green has become a necessity lately as the earth’s resources are being pushed to the limit, and humans today consume at a higher rate than earlier generations. Add pollution and waste to the mix, and we are heading for a catastrophic era. It is undoubtedly everyone’s responsibility to reduce, reuse, and recycle for a sustainable future we can all enjoy. Renovating and maintaining eco-friendly systems is a good precedent to set in the world of property. Why not be at the forefront of this eco-revolution?


There are numerous ways to conserve water in a building, it is only a matter of finding the right fixtures or components and installing them. Toilets and faucets are a great place to start. Look for electronic faucets that only dispense small amounts of water when running, thus cutting time, costs, and water, which are all good for the environment.

Dual-flush toilets are another way to save on water consumption and have been shown to save up to 80% more water in the bathroom when compared to singular-flush toilets. These kinds of toilets are usually expensive than singular flush toilets but are actually worth it in the long run as you’ll be able to save a lot of money from paying expensive water bills. 

Add a grey-water system to your building, and you will be cutting unnecessary water consumption on gardens or green areas in your buildings. Not only will you be saving on the cost of irrigation, but you will likely enjoy greener plants all year through.

Only plant indigenous plants or trees in your green or garden areas, and consider using water-wise plants such as succulents, which do not need much water to flourish.

Aside from these, you can also save water as you’re renovating your home by fixing any leaking pipes and faucets. These problems are often overlooked by homeowners thinking that this will not harm their homes or affect their lifestyles. However, this isn’t true. 

Leaking pipes and faucets can weaken your home’s structure and cause accidents inside the house. The longer you leave these problems unaddressed, the more expensive its solutions will be in the future. 

Eco Building Tips

Proper insulation is the key to keeping your indoor areas cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Poor insulation increases costs and energy consumption as the bad insulation loses heat fast. Ensure when you are using insulation, it is of high quality, which will last for many years. For more information on regulations about energy efficiency for homes in Australia, visit Green Choice Consulting today.

The same can be said for doors and windows. Using high-quality doors and windows will negate wasting energy as they seal properly and act as insulators too. Even the smallest of gaps in a window or door will allow cool or hot air in and out easily. There is no use in spending money on proper insulation during the renovation if you are going to skimp on proper windows and doors.

Using recycled or composite-based materials for decks, walls, pillars, doors, or frames is another great eco investment. These materials last longer and are made by recycling unwanted plastic and timber. The range of options, colours, and designs will not only add to the aesthetic of your building but incorporate greener options when remodelling or renovating. Even roofing and carpets can be eco-friendly with the recycled materials some manufacturers use. Going green can be stylish.

If you have air duct systems, ensure they are maintained often to avoid leaks, poor connections, or seals that will stop the system from operating at its optimal level. Properly sealed air duct systems can save you money in energy consumption.

Being energy efficient also starts with your lightbulbs. Use eco-friendly light bulbs which last much longer than ordinary ones and have less effect on the environment. There are several types of eco-friendly lightbulbs available in the market today, so consider spending time scouting for options. These lights will provide illumination to your home, improve the aesthetics of the space, and protect the environment. 

Moreover, you should strive to always use natural light first to avoid having to install light fixtures for maximum efficiency. Aside from helping you save money on your energy bills, making the most out of natural lights can also provide several health benefits, such as better mental focus and less stress.

If you have the budget, you can also consider adding a skylight. This can make the world of difference to a room for both resource conservation and décor purposes.

Bringing The Green Into Cleaning

Once you have completed renovations or introduced sustainable systems and solutions into your home or office, the next thing you should consider is keeping it green. Using green cleaning products and avoiding one-use plastic crockery, cutlery, straws, etc., should be an automatic adjustment to the greener way of living.

Incorporate biodegradable bags for trash in kitchens and working areas, encourage recycling with color-coded bins, and start your own compost heap for your garden or green areas! With so many easy ways to go green, there really is no excuse to not become eco-conscious, it benefits everyone.


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