Go with the Trend When Installing Carpet in the House

Go with the Trend When Installing Carpet in the House

Flooring can elevate the aesthetic value and safety of your house quickly. That’s why you must choose it with proper care. But it doesn’t have to be boring. When exploring choices, carpets often draw your attention to being versatile and cozy. It’s been decades of love and affair with them. Still, replacing an old rug or adding a new one in a new house always feels like a first experience. You often ask if you picked the right thing. Then, budget is another critical factor. Depending on the area size, you will also need professional help with installation, which again involves charges. No matter what, this flooring selection journey can be exciting if you select the right people and design. 

Do you plan to change or install new carpets? Home Solutionz – Phoenix can be your go-to contractor for this work. Let’s now figure out the latest carpet trends and installation costs to approach your chosen home improvement company with confidence.

Popular carpet designs

Interior design is a constantly evolving space where catching up with trends demands some elbow grease. Those who succeed end up creating stylish corners in their homes. Since flooring is an essential part of interior decoration, ensuring the correct decision about patterns is necessary. For example, the classic herringbone designs have returned to the game with a dash of novelty. You get the new carpets in this pattern in multiple color palettes. You can decorate hallways, entire rooms, stairs, or any corner with this carpet pattern to give them a touch of unmissable elegance. However, nature lovers can lean on organic styles exuding natural charm. Check earthy color carpets that can lend any ambiance a dose of tranquility through their warmth.

There is also something for someone extremely fond of edgy styles. Think of geometric patterns. The intricate shapes and sharp lines build an interesting visual. You can add such carpet in a contemporary home for a unique impression of sophistication. People with an artistic bend of mind typically admire these patterns more. And if you desire to recreate eco-friendly appeal, go for grass-like carpets. Nylon weaves effortlessly match the seagrass-like look. A biophilic home décor can tremendously benefit from such additions. 

An idea about the carpet installation cost

Buying a new carpet can cost around USD $1-5 per sq ft, and installation charges can vary from USD $2-8. Add labor cost of USD $0.50-1.50 per sq ft. A room size of 10′ x 12′ can make you pay anywhere from USD $200 to 900 on average. For one thousand square feet of area, you can plan a budget of around USD $1,800 to 7,500. However, carpet stairs can be more affordable at USD $150-600 on average. One of the most influencing factors in the carpet installation cost can be carpet grade or quality. High-end carpets run up to twenty years, but they are also the most expensive. Mid-grade carpets are affordable and offer a run of up to 12 years. Polyester or nylon carpets are lower quality and can last you only for a maximum of five years. 

It’s better to get clarity about all the aspects of carpet installation, from choice of materials to size and quality. Preparedness will help you with decision-making and better outcomes.

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